Monday, November 30, 2009

day ninety-four.

Day Ninety-four 11/30/2009
Dress: Green Vintage Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2009

Price: $10.50
Accessories: Navy blue tights, grey knee/thigh highs, black fake fur/suede boots, 
Hair and Makeup: Down for some, pulled back into a bun for some, but mostly under a giant hood since it was raining all day, usual makeup with extra dark green eyeshadow

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  none 


So turns out I don't really love today's dress.  I think I might turn it into a shirt and wear it open over top of something else.  Or maybe it just needs a different look to it with different underthings.  We'll see on another day.  I am such a sucker for button-up dresses.   This one was too big but only by  a smidge and I didn't think much of it.  I think it's not super flattering because of this factor.  Oh well.  The socks were once footless tights but all of my thick Target tights have become waist quitters so I cut them all off at the thigh.  They were way to expensive to waste plus they slouch and fold nicely and you really can't tell I cut them.  Since it was raining I didn't work on my hair at all, I just brushed it.  It's also in severe need of a wash.   Oh and I've been wanting to do a jumpy action shot picture but my face always looks absolutely terrible.  Today's was the least terrible and I'm running out of time so whatevs. 

Ugh. I hate working in the rain.  Of course today was my busiest Monday in weeks.  Such is life.  I woke up early and took Michael to the train and then dropped the Element off at the shop for two new expensive ass bushings that were broken and making it make the-wheel-is-going-to-fall-off type noises.  I dropped it off and walked to Rica's to pick up her car, stopping at one our new neighborhood coffee shops, Bella Sera Cafe, on the way. Today's coffee was much hotter and tastier than the coffee I got there last week, yay.  I have to say I am very impressed with their pricing as well, $1.89 for a large, including tax.  Rock.  

I worked a little and then heard that the Element was done so I dropped off Rica's car and walked back to get it.  No more awful noises!  I worked more and then picked Michael up from work since I was only five blocks from him doing a kitty job.  What a boring and icky rainy day.  We stopped at the liquor store and I bought some red wine and came home and made crazy person leftover dinner and drank red wine.  I made leftover stuffing and then transformed the rest of the leftovers into the following meal: Boursin Stuffed Portobello Caps (from leftover stuffed mushroom stuffing and new caps), Cream of Chanterelle and Baby Bella Mushroom Soup (from leftover chanterelle gravy),  Cheesy Red Potatoes of the pseudo twice baked variety and some veggie barbeque chicken.  It was all delicious and I am retarded full right now.  Michael and spent the rest of the night playing words with friends and watching television.  I guess it was a carryover from yesterday. We had big plans of sushi, movies and getting the tires checked out but we both worked late and the rain put us off.  Oh well, there's always the weekend.  Time for cleanliness and word games before bedtime.  


HeadlessMonster said...

Nice. Looks kinda like a jumper dress. Also, it looks like you're floating.

Jody said...

ha, you are raising the roof. somehow you pull it off quite nicely. :P

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