Friday, December 25, 2009

day one hundred nineteen.

Day One Hundred Nineteen 12/25/2009 XMAS!
Dress: Vintage Plaid Overall Dress
Purchased From:  Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $10.50 but then I broke the zipper and that was $15 to replace.  
Accessories: Black tights, HUNTER GREEN MATTE WELLIES!, grey knee socks, my awesome new Norwegian squirrel coin necklace and an amazing bonnet crocheted by my Nana when I was little.  Good day. 
Hair and Makeup:  Pigtails, usual makeup with greenish eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  I was called an elf, cute, christmasy, etc. etc. 

Yay for Christmas but what that usually means for me besides all the fun Christmas stuff is a lot of celebrating and eating and running around like a lunatic for 17 hours straight so I am EXHAUSTED beyond belief. 

How much do I love this dress though?!?! Yep a lot, like a lot a lot.  I would circle yes on a do you like me yes or no note if this dress passed me that note in study hall. 

Oh and hello to my three new favorite accessories! 

Thanks for all my awesome presents family! I will write a full report tomorrow when I am not ready to fall asleep on my keyboard! Merry Christmas! 


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