Sunday, December 20, 2009

day one hundred thirteen.

Day One Hundred Thirteen 12/19/2009 
Dress: Purplish Pink and Black Striped 80s Dress
Purchased From:  A girl named Heather at the Philadelphia Independent Craft thinger at 2424 Studios
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $20
Accessories: Snow boots, cream leg warmers, greyish tights, black cardigan

Hair and Makeup:  rag curled and knotty, usual makeup with extra dark eyes
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael called me super eighties


oh my god drunk! Today was so awesome and I loved it.  It snowed an insane amount and I cooked a lot and had a fun filled snowy day. 

I woke up and made spicy hot chocolate since the ground was covered in snow.  It was tasty but not even close to the ancho chili hot chocolate from Red Hook.   I then made coffee and did massive amounts of dishes.  I was gearing up for an all day kitchen fiasco or fiesta.   I needed to complete the tofu turkey and stuffing for the holiday potluck and at the last minute I decided to make vegan mashed potatoes.  I wore squirrel slippers and cooked my heart out while the snow flurried down.  We drove to cvs to purchase a white elephant gift and went to an awesome holiday potluck at Kristin's.  We played charades and I did well.  I found out that I'm kind of good at charades and I love it.  I had to act out "glass pickle" but failed on that and then had to act out an x-rated movie and succeeded.  Word.  We also had a white elephant or dirty santa and I scored a bottle of wine and an amazing neck warmer/kerchief by Kristin.  I love the color, it's like mustard lime green.  

We drove our friends home from the potluck and met up with a bunch of other friends for Steve Stroud's birthday fun.  That is where I may have consumed too much Jameson.  Bed now. 


Chris said...

You look so hot in that picture!!! That is one of my favorites.

heather said...

even though it broke my heart to part with my most favorite vintage find, i'm very glad you have given it a good home--it looks great on you.

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