Friday, December 18, 2009

day one hundred twelve.

Day One Hundred Twelve 12/18/2009 
Dress: Black, Orange and Blue Polka Dot Dress

Purchased From: Port Richmond Super Thrift
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $9.95
Accessories: Jeans and then tights and leg warmers, black cardigan, black flats, white knit hat, neck warmer by Jody Gross, In the Doghouse 

Hair and Makeup: rag curls and under a hat, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Lots of hair compliments and comments, Spano, Brad and Michael tried to figure out what the pattern on the dress looked like. 


I bought this dress when I was shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater. It's not super gut friendly but I like it.  I did my hair in the rag curlers last night and as usual on the first day they were super crazy but by the end of the day they calmed down.  It was really cold today so all of it was confined under a hat for a large portion of the day. 

Today went like this:

Wake Up
Take Michael to El
Dishes Galore
Get Ready
Take Stevesy to work
Start work and work all day outside in super cold weather
Get food at Essene and eat in car like a sad weirdo
Work more
Grocery and Christmas shop
Make a cheesecake
Hang out with my brother
Make a tofu turkey (start the process anyway)
Hang out with Michael and Spano
Make vegan stuffing for tofu turkey
Go bowling/dinner at bowling alley with the Lalonde familly
Photobooth it up
Break 100 bowling for the second time in my life maybe?
Come home super tired and go to bed. 

I hope that explains why I'm not trying so hard at writing today.  Sorry. Here are the pictures to make up for it. 



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