Wednesday, December 30, 2009

day one hundred twenty-four.

Day One Hundred Twenty-four 12/30/2009
Dress: Blue Pattern Dress 
Purchased From:  Express
Year or Era Purchased:  2002ish
Price: $34.99-$39.99?
Accessories: Squirrel necklace, black tights, black snow boots, black glittery leg warmers, white cardigan

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  A necklace compliment, and "you look cute" from a client

This dress used to be my something-classy dress.  I have worn it to dinner parties, showers, wine and cheese birthdays, etc.  I really got some mileage out of this baby.  It's pretty comfy too.  I like it. It has held up in style for several years and I think I'll keep it for many to come.  It was ridiculously cold today so I didn't go cute with the shoes and just put on my snow boots to stay warm.  I had one of those annoying days where I felt like the world was caving in on me and everyone was pulling at me even though no one really was.  I spent the day working and shopping/preparing for a New Year's Eve outfit and shindig.    It took way too much time.  Oh well.  I got some really great news from a friend of mine while I was out so that made everything better.  

I came home and made the last of the leftovers for an early dinner and watched some of Watchmen, lounged, and maybe threw a mini fit before going out to a coworker reunion for Michael that turned out to be more of a hide from the coworkers and hang out with two dudes you already see a lot that happened to work for your old company.  It was at Standard Tap and it was nice.  I drank two more new dark beers- a Sly Fox Dry Stout  (eh) and a Lancaster Porter (yum!).  While talking our friend Bob said something about the winter blues and all of a sudden I realized that was one of the reasons for my stupid weird depressing thoughts.  Dumb cold.  I'm sure the holidays and the huge change in routine is not helping.  Since when am I such a creature of habit?  Old.  

We came home and watched a few episodes of last season's Lost to get prepared.  And now bedtime.  Yay.  


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