Sunday, January 24, 2010

day one hundred forty-eight.

Day One Hundred Forty-eight 1/23/2010 
Dress: Black Lace Top Cocktail Dress
Purchased From:  Forever 21
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter 2007 or Spring 2008 
Price: $22.50
Accessories:  Black short sleeved jacket, black tights, gold heels
Hair and Makeup: Usual makeup with extra grey and purple eyeshadow, wavy/curled hair
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: MIchael 

Today was mostly lazy and fat.  Michael and I lounged about and then ate Primo hoagies and he watched Grey's Anatomy with me.  I think he secretly likes that show.  We spent a large portion of our day on Easter the cat death watch.  It's so sad. I think I'm going to take her to the vet on Monday morning and have her put to sleep.  I've only ever had to make that decision before with my rat Alcatraz but he was already in the hospital and the vet advised it.  Easter is my little old lady curmudgeon and I'm so sad to watch her stumble around hide in dark corners.  She was diagnosed with hyperthyroid, kidney failure and high blood pressure about two years ago.  I think her kidneys started to fail rapidly over the last day or two and she has been losing weight for the last two years but is now mostly skin and bones.  She still purrs when I hold her and pet her but she mostly just wants to be alone.  A few minutes ago she climbed into the cat bowl of toys and peed all over them.  I just let her do it and threw away the toys.  She's old and dying and she can pee where she wants to pee.   Steve always jokes that Easter looks like she should be at the bar smacking the bar for more drinks.  She used to smack our hands while we ate so we would feed her any dairy or Italian food we had on our plates. I have video of her eating spaghetti but I'm too tired to deal with that so until I figure it out tomorrow here's a still photograph:

Somehow the day got away from me and I eventually got ready for our evening events.  I didn't wear this dress all day but I had to attend my client's 70th birthday party this evening so I gussied up a bit to attend the high society party.  It was held in a condo building in Society Hill and Michael and I got to have weird and surreal and sometimes awkward conversations with strangers.  Michael and I found a middle aged couple to talk to and actually stayed a lot longer than we expected. It was nice to do something so out of the ordinary and weird. I love my shoes so much, they're actually my wedding shoes and they're from Smak Parlour.  I love them so but after approximately three hours my feet began to feel as if one million fire ants with tiny hammers are smashing into the balls of my feet in unison.  The dress is also not an all nighter as the lace top starts to itch and annoy me in the armpit area.  I once wore it to a Madonna/Michael/Prince and by the end of the night I was wicked rashy from the sweat induced lace chaffing. Yum. 

 I think now I'm going to crawl into bed and watch Lucky Louie on Michael's laptop. 


mom said...

You look adorable. So so sorry about Easter. Maybe she will pass in her sleep tonight and make it easier for you. She has had a wonderful life with you and Mike, so lucky to have been rescued by such a loving couple.

Anonymous said...

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