Wednesday, January 20, 2010

day one hundred forty-five.

Day One Hundred Forty-five 1/20/2010
Dress: Grey Business Lady Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009 
Price: $5
Accessories: black tights, green flats, vintage cream and black short sleeved cardigan, bird necklace, grey waist belt 
Hair and Makeup: Down for most of the day and curled with hot rollers. I don't know why I put it up for the picture, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A few shoe compliments, one hair compliment and some guy in an elevator said I was "pretty and helpful" since I held the door for him.  I think that was more insulting than complimentary for some reason. 

I did not want to get out of bed today. Since I was exhausted and Michael and I taught ourselves to use the espresso maker I attempted to make myself a cappuccino.  I don't think I did it super well but it turned out okay.  I'll give it another try with some better coffee tomorrow.  I spent the morning wasting time on the internets and searching for some old writing samples to no avail.  I'm sure I put them in some random box, wrapped them  in saran wrap and buried them in a drawer somewhere.  Maybe not the saran wrap part so much.  I forced myself to get ready early and get my butt out the door and working on time.  I came close.  Slow process, it's a slow process.  I liked my outfit today. I felt vintage professional.  It's funny I picked out this outfit so I could feel grown up and cute when I met with the advisor at CCP but then I didn't take off my ratty dog walking coat and I wore my dirty and beat to hell purse.  Oh well.  I tried.  If I had a fancy office (ok, not so much fancy but you know, fancier than picking up dog poo) job I'd wear this outfit.  

I worked a bunch and then went to CCP and met with a really nice Professor and the advisor for the Creative Writing program.  I then had to deal with the welcome center/admission gods only to find out I am at the mercy of the transcript request timeframe.  Ugh.  No transcripts equals no skipping core classes I've already taken.  Blargh.  I've emailed a possible professor asking if I can audit her class until I am officially a student and officially have 15 credits of core classes I've taken over ten years ago.  Cross your fingers. 

For some reason I was seriously tired after working today.  It might be because I had to deal with a drunky client.  I do not like this so much.  It was her birthday and she cried a lot.  Her emotions ran the gamut from sad to scared and injured to worried about getting items from Costco.  She said she felt dizzy as she had fallen a day and a half ago. I am pretty certain that the birthday lunch drinks she had and the glass of wine she downed while I was there may have had something to do with her dizziness.  How do I end up in situations like these? Maybe if I get all into this creative writing thing I'll write a dog walking memoir.  

I came home and collapsed on the couch and succumbed to bad dvr'd television such as celebrity rehab, american idol and some food network worst chefs show.  It felt good to do nothing and veg out for a while.  Michael came home and I made us easy dinner: lasagna roll ups (lasagna noodles spread with ricotta, sauteed mushrooms, and sauce and then rolled up and put into a casserole dish, covered with sauce and mozzarella cheese), garlic bread, roasted zucchini and angel hair pasta with three cheese store bought sauce.  It was pretty yummy but I was able to resist seconds, good thing since I bailed on the gym today. 

I am off to my blissful comforters and pillows now and I'm super happy about it. 


zombie said...

some places will take you on "conditional" acceptance until your transcript comes in. if you can provide an unofficial copy until your official copies come in, they may be able to work off that temporarily. good luck.

Abigail said...

Unfortunately ten years after graduation is too late for unofficial transcripts :(

Jody said...

are you applying to the grad program or just taking some classes? i assume the former. good for you. way to get up the balls that i am still trying to find myself.

Abigail said...

The grad program at Temple starts in the Fall and I've missed the deadline for it plus you need to take GREs and have three letters of recommendation. I've decided to complete the creative writing certificate program at CCP to get experience and create relationships with professors. I will apply for the 2011 grad program at Temple if all goes well. The professor for the class I'm taking this semester is letting me audit her class until my paperwork clears. Word.

Anonymous said...

I've been through the GRE's (twice!) so I can help you with that. Still have a bunch of the study books too, let me know if you'd like them.


Abigail said...

Yes please Jen! I am terribly afraid to take them!

Jody said...

i have the same fear...i had it in 2001 when i was fresh out of college! good for you. i don't know why i haven't gone back to school...just to take a few classes. i loves to learns. can't wait to hear about it!!!

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