Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day one hundred thirty-nine.

Day One Hundred Thirty-nine 1/14/2010
Dress: Black 80's Tea Length Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift 
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter 2009
Price: $2.50
Accessories: black boots, grey tights, Kurt Halsey bird necklace, black waist belt, blue scarf/hat combo
Hair and Makeup:  dirty, bangs to the side and down, usual makeup with extra blush because of the Criminal Minds episode about the doll serial killer

This dress is weird and it gets static cling really easily and the silky fabric feels rough against my dry winter skin.  The sleeves are weird and get tight in unusual spots and it's not super flattering but it was $2.50 and it's like nothing I own.  I paired it with a waist belt since it's a little baggy and it helped it a little but I need to find a real solution for this one if I'm going to keep it in the collection.  Also my hair is wicked dirty and wearing winter hats and having bangs is causing it to get gross and greasy at a more rapid pace than usual. Do not want. I don't like to wash my hair too much. I need to go wash it now but my money's on I won't.  Today was stupid and I threw a bunch of angry little fits.  I has the stress.  I worked, went to Trader Joe's (that place is enough to cause someone to start shooting, it is ALWAYS packed regardless of time of day), worked more, dragged myself to the gym, came home and started on dinner.  Dinner was a giant pain in my ass tonight and I totally threw a pot across the room and bent the hell out of it after I messed up my butter/flour ratio for my roux, then burned my butter for my second roux and then knocked an entire bowl of shredded cheese onto the floor.  That pot is now in the recycling bin.  It was sort of cathartic.  Michael and I later joked we should keep it and hang it up in case we ever need to throw something but it's still outside waiting to be recycled. 

I did manage to finish dinner and it was good.  I made the leftover kielbasa from last night, stovetop macaroni and cheese (as in from scratch but not baked), kale with panfried walnuts from epicurious, applesauce and leftover cheese pie.  My guts were horribly full.  We thought we were tired from gorging ourselves but when I went to refill my water I realized that the gas stove was on and spewing gas into the house.  Awesome.  I spent the rest of the night on the couch watching Thursday night television and cursing the dvr for cutting everything off.  Why does everything have to start or end one to three minutes before or after the hour? What is wrong with even hours I ask you?  I think I need to take my cranky pants to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow.  


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