Monday, January 11, 2010

day one hundred thirty-six.

check out that squirrel behind my arm.

Day One Hundred Thirty-six 1/11/2010
Dress: Red Slip Dress
Purchased From:  ? A gift from my friend Kelly 
Year or Era Purchased:  Birthday- Spring 2009
Price: $Gift = Free
Accessories: Black sweater, black under blouse, black tights, black and white button socks, black faux fur boots, several different knit hats throughout the day
Hair and Makeup:  Brushed but that's it, usual makeup with extra black eye shadow 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael said oooh pretty

The alarm was my mortal enemy today.  I was not into it.  I did not want.  This weekend went too fast and I wasted it away with a hangover and suckage.  I was also not thrilled to work in the cold today.  Blargh. We reluctantly climbed out of bed and started our stupid Monday. I took Michael to the train and stopped at Milk Crate to get a coffee, I just wasn't into making a whole pot today.  For some reason I can only make a good whole pot of coffee.  Half pots just don't cut it. Luckily Michael swills a pint of cold coffee in the morning so it doesn't all go wasted.  I always feel bad about buying a cup of coffee, makes me feel wasteful, but I suppose if I added up all the coffee I pour down the drain it might be even.   I dressed for the day and chose this pretty red number. It's very silky and the fabric is lovely but clingy so sometimes it makes me feel belly conscious to wear it.  I paired it with a silky blouse and a cardigan. I think the blouse was a fail and just puffed out and bunched up the cardigan sleeves.  I was too lazy to take it off, especially knowing I would not take off my coat all day.  I like the socks I paired it with and how they give it a baby doll look.  

Today's events were pretty boring.  After the coffee I wrote a few yelp reviews and got ready for work, grabbing my leftover hoagie as I ran out the door.  I suck at eating in the car, I think I could text and drive better than I eat and drive.  I worked a normal day and hung out with my friend Rica's cats, Charlie and Seamus as she is in Hawaii living it up.  They are cute.  

After work I did some grocery shopping at Essene and Thriftway.  Being a vegetarian forces me to shop at several stores to purchase my staples.  I found some new lemon pepper tempeh at Essene that I'm excited to try.  I also grabbed some seitan, firm tofu, veggie kielbasa, kalamata olives and vegan caesar dressing.  My intentions were to vegetarianize this recipe Greek Lamb Brochettes with Tzatziki and I did indeed.  I used seitan instead of lamb and cooked it in a cast iron pan until it got crispy and soaked up the marinade.  I changed the tzatziki a little bit and served it with pita bread, a salad of romaine, kalamata, feta and tomato with vegan caesar dressing, hummus and basmati rice. It was really quite delicious.  We watched tv and I continue suckage on the couch.  Michael is sick and has a man cold.  I've been borderline sick for weeks mind you.  I suppose I should try to get to bed and get a good night's sleep now.  We're going to see Wicked tomorrow night.  Weeeeeeee. 


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