Thursday, January 7, 2010

day one hundred thirty-two.

Day One Hundred Thirty-two 1/7/2010
Dress: Black Bubble skirt Dress
Purchased From:  Crap, I can't remember

Year or Era Purchased:  Winter 2006?
Price: $? It was my New Year's Dress so maybe $30ish
Accessories: Red Skull and Heart long john shirt, black neck warmer, black cardigan, jeans, boots. red hat. 700 baseball hat later in the day
Hair and Makeup:  still dirty and down under a hat for part of the day, two braids under a hat later, usual makeup

I am running low on dresses.  This dress was my new year's dress many years ago and my boobs are all over the place in it, hence the long john shirt underneath.  Plus, it's really cold outside so need for all that.  I knew my brother and I would be hanging out and possibly visiting a shooting range so I wanted to wear black, seemed appropriate. Again, it's cold as balls so I paired my outfit with many layers, including jeans.  I was quite warm today, I must say.  It was a usual day and I skipped the gym since I had evening plans.  This gave me time for a quick Circle Thrift visit.  Circle Thrift NEVER disappoints me.   I scored three dresses- two of which sported green tags.  Green tags were the half off color of the week.  Word.  For $11 I got three dresses and a cardigan.  Yay.  I also happened to see a skirt I donated in the children's section.  Nope, that was mine and looked awesome many years ago.  It was just really short.  Ha.  

I came home and got ready for my gun outing with my brother.  He advised I wear a hat with a bill and some sort of eye protection so I scavenged Michael's construction accessories and came up with this fabulous look: 

I added the crazy eyes all by myself.  Brad took me to Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club.  He brought along a 9mm and a rifle, an sks? or something.  I don't know I think it was of the Russian assault variety.  He gave me a lot of information in a short period of time and I mostly retained the stuff I needed to know immediately.   We arrived and were greeted by some lackluster staff that had me show ID and fill out a form before directing us upstairs.  The upstairs gentleman, Mike, was really nice.  He liked my name and said it reminded him of something from Sherlock Holmes or Hopalong Cassidy and then proceeded to show me his dvd case for Hopalong Cassidy.  It was weird but I liked it.   Brad spoke ammunition gibberish to obtain what we needed and then we headed into the range, ears stuffed with ear plugs.   He showed me how to fill a magazine, load the gun, use the safety, etc. etc.   Brad has a thing for zombies so he brought his own zombie targets.  I have to admit they were pretty rad.  He showed me how to shoot and then let me at it.  It was weird and once again, real life is nothing like movies of Law and Order episodes.   I definitely did the whole close my eyes by accident after I pulled the trigger.  I shot a few more times and actually hit the target in important places, including the throat.  After the little gun he showed me all of the parts of the big rifle and let me shoot it too.  It was heavy as hell, like 8-10 lbs. and my forearms are not so much strong so I really felt the weight of it.   I liked shooting the rifle better but I certainly need some more forearm strength should I want to shoot it over and over.  I did better than I thought I would but I would not actually trust myself in a dangerous situation.   I don't know that it's something I need to do again in my life but I'm happy to say I did it.   Brad was a good teacher, patient and willing to inform me so that definitely helped.   

I circled our hits in lipstick so we didn't have to waste another target.  So thrifty!

I came home from my awesome shoot 'em up experience and made jasmine rice, veggie chicken, artichoke and yellow pepper with some Trader Joe's Indian Sauce and served it with sauteed green beans and almonds.  Delish.  Michael and I watched Wet Hot American Summer and snuggled.  Tonight was good.  Yep. 


Kathy said...

I'm jealous. I love shooting the guns

Mike said...

and i love wet hot american summer

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