Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day one hundred thirty.

Me and Eno at Mike and Jody's

Day One Hundred Thirty 1/5/2010
Dress: Purple Old Lady Nightgown Dress 
Purchased From:  Port Richmond Super Thrift 
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter 2009
Price: $2.95
Accessories: jeans, black snow boots, blue cardigan, 
Hair and Makeup:  still dirty but braided, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Sherry and Jody commented on my dress

I am exhausted and feel pretty gross in my belly because of this: 

Today's dress was purchased on Sunday in the pajama/lingerie section of the Port Richmond Super Thrift.  Never underestimate this section of your local thrift store.  It was cold as crap today so I wore it with jeans and a cardigan.  Turns out, not warm enough.  Probably also because I tried to pair it with a winter coat I snagged at the swap meet.  Guess what?! Yeah, it's not super warm and the sleeves are too short.  Guess who didn't have arm warmers or long gloves today? Yep, me.  And my socks kept doing that thing where they got swallowed up by boots whenever I walked so they were all bunched under my feet.  And then to top it all off I slammed my hand in a client's door.  So dumb.  I hated a lot of today.  I am not ready for this cold and working outside all day.  No good. 

It was better when I got home after a stop at the store to see about winter coats- nope, just bathing suits.  Oh great, just what I need.  Fuckers.  Seriously.  It just got super duper cold. Stop the insanity! Why can't I buy a scarf or winter coat in January? Why can I buy shorts or a bathing suit?  Do not want! 

After work Michael and I went to my brother's house to give Christmas gifts finally and then headed to Spano and Jody's for some deep fried cheese curds since Jody recently returned from Wisconsin.  That's the fatty goodness pictured above. I'm going to take my cheese curd baby to bed now before I throw it all up on my keyboard. Goodnight. 


Jody said...

cheese curd baby trumps dumpster baby!!! nice pic of you and the eno bean, too ;)

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