Friday, February 5, 2010

day one hundred sixty-one.


Day One Hundred Sixty-one 2/5/10
Dress: Orange and Grey Strapless Bubble Dress

Purchased From: Super Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $2.95
Accessories:  It's From the Sky t-shit, black tights, rainbow stripey socks, hunter wellies,
Hair and Makeup: Side up twist, the rest curled a bit, usual makeup with lots of gold toned eyeshadows

So I put this dress on and realized there were these super weird shoulder pad looking boob cups in the boob area.  They were in between the outer and inner layers of fabric.  I think that's why it still had tags on it at a thrift store. I cut a hole on the inside boob area and pull them out, snipping the seams they were held in by and voila, no more weird boob cups. I totally love this dress so I was beyond happy with the outcome.  I love pairing shoulder printed t-shirts with strapless dresses and immediately thought of my It's From the Sky shirt for this one.  It was supposed to snow earlier than it did today so I was prepared for it and wore my wellies.  Any excuse is a good one for me.  

Most of the day was normal work and then I made the mistake of venturing to Trader Joe's.  The bread was completely cleaned out and the freezer section was looking dismal.  People are insane.  I do like to cook during snowstorms so I understand but my god.  I went mostly for cheese and nuts to make yummy mac n' cheese tomorrow.  Trader Joe's has good prices on veg friendly cheeses.  Michael walked over from work and met me there and we waited in line together and he made it bearable by pointing out the rooster driving the car on their gift cards.  Since Trader Joe's does not have kale or swiss chard I also headed to the crappy thriftway.  I came home and made veggie turkey sandwiches from slices of the Quorn turkey loaf I made for dinner last night and coma'd  out on the couch for a bit.  Finally the energy I had been searching for entered my body and I joined MIchael in cleaning out our linen/storage closet on our second floor.  Plumbing needs require the space cleared so we had to go through three years of crap.  I found a few things I had labeled gone forever and a few things that will soon be gone forever.   Now we are dirty and dusty and tired and I will retire to bed for a morning of continued cleaning and organizing and cooking while the sky is littering a sea of white all over Philadelphia.  


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