Thursday, February 4, 2010

day one hundred sixty.

Day One Hundred Sixty 2/4/10
Dress: Turquoise Sun Dress

Purchased From: Super Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $2.95
Accessories: Jeans, snow boots but I changed into chuck taylors after an hour of the boots stealing my socks and sucking them under my feet, black and white polka dot cardigan, various scarves and arm warmer/glove combos
Hair and Makeup: Double victory rolls and rolled bangs
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael and a client commented on my hair both calling it crazy

I'm exhausted.  We've spent the last hour figuring out a bathroom layout, or trying to figure out a bathroom layout for our master bedroom/bath.  I feel like such a yuppie even typing that.   My eyes hurt. 

This dress is boobtastic.  They were hidden for most of the day though.  I wanted to do fun hair today so I threw it up into some super messy victory rolls.  I learned how to do this type of hair on youtube, specifically this chick:  

I love her tutorials so much.

I'm off to bed now to think and dream about bathroom layouts.  Joy. More tomorrow. 


Georgia said...

Thank you for sharing this video!

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