Sunday, February 7, 2010

day one hundred sixty-three.

Day One Hundred Sixty-three 2/7/10
Dress: Plaid Men's Shirt

Purchased From:  More like scavenged from Michael's bag of clothes to go to the thrift store
Year or Era Purchased: 2008
Price: $Free
Accessories:  blue tights, black faux fur boots, brown belt
Hair and Makeup: Double buns,  usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: none

So let's be honest here.  I didn't leave the house today and this isn't actually a dress.  Today was one of those days I wished I didn't have a blog about wearing dresses.  I know I could've skipped it and stayed pajamified all day long, but I cared enough about this blog to finally take off my dracula pants at 6:30PM and throw on some tights and the longest shirt I could find in my closet and photograph it.  That my friends is pure 14k gold dipped awesomeness.   

Not leaving the house today was my little protest over the fact that I will work outside in the snow for about five hours tomorrow, freezing and dodging sidewalk ice patches.  Ugh.  I did go into my backyard to provide peanuts to the begging squirrel but that was all of twenty seconds and I was rocking some Fishtown fashion in my pajamas.  The squirrels don't judge, they're from around here. 

So yeah, I spent most of the day packing stuff to get it out of the way of the pipes/cutting/construction that will soon be occurring.  I also cleaned a bit and couched a bit.  I watched some of the superbowl for the commercials but the good ones must have either aired in the first half or  not existed.  I'll have to check the internets.  It was a boring Sunday but I liked it a lot.  I hope it's at least sort of warm tomorrow. Ugh.  Maybe it'll be time for a long johns/dress combination. 


Mom said...

Well now, you could do a Peter Pan impression in this outfit. Cute.

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