Tuesday, March 30, 2010

day two hundred and eleven.

Day Two Hundred Eleven 3/26/10 
Dress: Greenish Blue Spanish Inspired Sun Dress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $10.99
Accessories: black tights, teal leg warmers, black on black chucks, never ending grey scarf, 
Hair and Makeup: hair wasn't brushed, no makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Jody liked my shoes

So Saturday (it's Monday now) was a no time for love Dr. Jones kind of day.  I didn't stop for a second.  I woke up at 9AM and ran around like a crazy person until finally going to bed around 2:45AM.  I had a lot of coffee.  

Michael made me breakfast and I wrapped it in foil and stuck it in bag for later.  I picked up my friend Jody and we headed out for vintage and vegetable shopping.  If I ever had a cooking show I'd call it The Vintage Veg.  Maybe I"ll start a separate blog just for recipes and dinners and such.  Don't steal my name or I"ll be really sore at you.  Just like I"m sore at the people that I don't know but heard about that named their dog Bill Murray like I've been planning to do for like forever now.  If I find out I know them or they heard about my plan there will be some serious pissiness on my part, even more than now.  Anyway we headed to the first of 2010 Sazz Vintage Warehouse sale and we both did great!  Jody is one of the few people I can really sink my teeth into thrifting with.  I think maybe my Mom is her only rival.  Over an hour later we emerged from the warehouse, shopping bags runneth over.  We then headed to Produce Junction for veggies and flowers since I intended to spend the rest of the day cooking for my friend Sue's baby shower.  It was Jody's first time at Produce Junction and she was in awe.  So cheap, so good.  

I dropped off Jody and met her and her boyfriend Mike's new cat, Dignan.  He rules.  I also said hello their other four cats.  I want more cats.  Michael isn't feeling it. 

I went home and Rica came over to work on shower stuff.  I cooked for a bit and then we headed over to the shower site to drop off a ton of stuff and clean.  I got home around 7PM and cooked until about 1:30AM, then cleaned up my giant mess.  I had one major fail,  a white bean asparagus tart from vegan yum yum.  I have to say I was quite proud of myself as I did not freak out at the fact that the was paper had fused to the puff pastry and/or that the pastry did not cook completely through.  I just salvaged the asparagus and threw the rest in the trash.  Zen. I also managed to add two extra dishes to the spread as I had leftover mushrooms and veggie chicken so I made spinach and artichoke stuffed mushrooms and vegan chicken salad.  Yup.  More on all that with pictures in "tomorrows" blog that will really be yesterdays because I am so very behind.  

This dress is the same dress as day seven but it's a cool greenish blue color.  The weird puckering/ruffle feature in the middle isn't super flattering and kind of adds a weird fat roll that doesn't really exist but I like it nonetheless.  Those sweet reindeer that I'm posing with came from Circle Thrift last week for $2.50. I am kind of enamored with them at the moment.  They came with gross real fur neck scarf things that I promptly removed and gave to my cat Flea.  He chose to try to eat the antlers off the reindeer instead.  Thanks Flea. 


Jody said...

yay! thrifting with you is always a superb experience. shall we do it again? say sunday? :)

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