Monday, March 22, 2010

day two hundred and five.

Day Two Hundred Five 3/21/10 
Dress: Navy Blue Ruffle Dress
Purchased From: Ross
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $14.99
Accessories: crazy pattern boots
Hair and Makeup: down, up, braided with some down, etc. it changed a lot, green eyeshadow and mascara
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Lots of dress compliments, I let Michael pick from a pile of five or so dresses.  He narrowed it down to this or a plaid dress.

I meant to write this yesterday but sleepytime seemed more important.  Yesterday was fun and a little whirlwindy and fast.  I woke up late with a bit of a hangover and a super stiff neck.  It was a bad weekend for my liver and my diet. Boo. 

I putzed around, let Michael pick out my dress, made coffee and toast and headed to Target with my lady friend Sue who has been expecting a little baby since the beginning of this blog.  I found out on day two of this blog and wore a pink dress that day in hopes of a baby girl for her, which she is indeed having, yay! Her shower is this weekend so we went shopping for a cute dress for her to wear and found one on clearance! We also both purchased copies of the newly released New Moon because despite the fact that we are both over thirty we are super dorky.   I also scored a baby blue cardigan and rain coat on clearance.  Word.  After shopping I went home to get ready to go celebrate my friend Katy's birthday at El Camino. Michael and I biked there, my first bicycle ride of the season. Oh Sheila (that's the name of my bike) you are so fabulous and pretty.  We met a bunch of people and sat outside at large picnic tables drinking margaritas and eating.  I ordered and ate 1/4 lb. of seitan.  I kind of loved that I had that as an option.  We had shitty service but managed to have a nice time anyway.  I will yelp you el camino, don't think I won't.   After dinner and celebrating Sue and I watched New Moon and mostly chatted through it.  Oops.  Michael came home from hanging out with Sue's husband Jake and avoiding teenage vampire movies (I'll make him watch it, don't worry) and we watched The Pacific and headed to bed.  Today my neck is still twisted and hurty and awful.  Ugh. I need to schedule a Ricassage (a massage from my friend Rica).   

So this dress came from the Ross dress event, an event I found a little underwhelming.  It has crazy sort of pointy ruffly sleeves that make it a little futuristic and weird.  I wore my hair back/up most of the day so you could see them but the photos with my hair like that were god awful so I took it down.  Sort of wish I'd done that way earlier in the day. Oh well. 


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