Sunday, March 21, 2010

day two hundred and four.

Day Two Hundred Four 3/20/10 
Dress: Black and White Plaid Strapless Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $5
Accessories: Day: 
Hair and Makeup: pigtails, then a ponytail, then down with a headband, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael and Jody said nice things and someone complimented my "hair flower" but now I don't remember who damn it.  

So this dress was purchased a little over a month ago and it fit perfectly when I bought it.  Now it's a tad to big. Love that.  I wore it with jeans and not really accessorized for the motorcycle ride.  Later in the night I cinched it with a wide waist belt and paired it with a mini cardigan for some extra cuteness.  I feel like without the belt it's just sort of frumpy and blah.  I just got this cardigan at Thrift Fair for $3.95.  Including my boots, everything my nighttime outfit cost me $38.  Not too shabby.

We woke up early (ok, not really it was like 9:30) and got ready to go on our first motorcycle ride (I am the passenger, I ride and I ride) of the Spring, on the first day of Spring.  This is a rare occurrence and normally this time of the year is spent in winter coats so we were pretty excited to spend the day outside.  Unfortunately the city tried to swallow us whole before we were able to escape its grasp.  We sat in traffic jam upon traffic jam despite the alternate routes attempted.  Finally, almost an hour later we were moving at speeds higher than 25mph.  We arrived at our destination point to meet Tom and Jared but not before witnessing the beauty of nature in the form of what I guess was a vulture chowing down on something dead in the middle of the road to my right.  We passed our turn off when I glanced at the huge creature talon deep into its lunch.  Michael realized what I now knew as the dead animal road was indeed the road we wanted so he turned around and we headed back.  I saw the vulture landing gracefully, nestling its giant black body onto a tree branch, abandoning its lunch for safe haven.  We drove by and I assumed I'd see a dead bloated raccoon or opossum but what greeted us instead was a decapitated, body no where to be seen, eyeball less, bloody fucking deer head.  It was insane, something straight out of a horror movie.  I expected trip wire ahead followed by an overall clad psycho killer but instead just found our friends and we headed out for a ride.  We stopped for lunch and then headed to St. Peter's Village.  We climbed around on rocks for an hour and had lots of fun.  Unfortunately Tom lost his phone in the water but the boys made a dam and Michael recreated the drop and found it in the deep water, all while hanging off of a rock.  Show off.  

After frolicking we toured the vintage arcade room and got ice cream before heading home.  So awesome. 

We arrived home and I hurriedly updated my hair, makeup and outfit to go to a Yelp event at 22nd and Walnut.  It was fun, we ate and drank for free for a little while before walking across the city to meet friends for a birthday celebration at Sugar Mom's.  I drank some Powers and we hung out there until a little after midnight before heading home and listening to Orsborn babble about party crashing.  It was funny. I fed him mashed potatoes and put him to bed.  All in all it was a pretty awesome first day of Spring.  Way to go 2010, way to go. 


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