Friday, April 2, 2010

day two hundred and fifteen.

Day Two Hundred Fifteen 3/31/10 
Dress: SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Vintage Floral Long Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5!!!!
Hair and Makeup: 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Several dress compliments and someone compared my dress to some crazy golf pants that some golfer dude wears.  

It was date night and I knew this so I wanted to wear something fun.  I also knew it would be one of the last long sleeve black dress acceptable days as the weather is getting really warm and nice, though they're calling for colder and rainy on my birthday next week so thank you universe, thank you.  Anyway I bought this dress last week at Circle Thrift and I almost peed my pants when I found it on the rack and saw the Saks tag in it.  Awesome! So glad Circle Thrifts prices are always the same! 

I spent the day working and then headed to CCP to register for classes.  What I ended up doing was sitting in a room full of people regsitering for classes and listening to an hour long spiel about what the letter R means on a schedule, why it's important to balance your life and schoolwork, etc.  I don't remember getting this detailed lecture in 1996 when I was 18.  Seriously.  I wanted to gouge my own eyes out with the purple crayola maker I had as a writing utensil.  I suppose using a marker isn't the fastest way to get someone to take you seriously but some things never change that was the only writing utensil I had in my purse so I went with it.  Almost an hour and half later I registered for one class, something I could've done at home online.  I did find out that no one had bothered to "audit my transcripts" so I'm not fully sure what is transferring, not that it really matters at all since I already have a bachelors and I'm just doing this to get some experience and recommendation letters.  After registration I met up with Michael and we went to Body Worlds 2 at the Franklin Institute. It was awesome.  We missed the first one and almost missed this one too.  I'd suggest going at night as it only takes a little over an hour to see everything and it's almost half the price for admission.  Photography is forbidden but I snuck a few pictures: 

wtf! amazing!

After starring at gross dead stuff for we went to spend my $50 gift cards to the Olive Garden.  I entered a raffle something like one and a half years ago, spending one little dollar and was rewarded with $50 in Olive Garden cards.  Yeah, not somewhere I eat much.  And to top it off it was in center city nestled between some of the greatest restaurants.  We hung our heads in shame and entered and THERE WAS A WAIT! Wow.  I was shocked.  Finally (ok, it was 10 minutes later) we were seated and I ordered the most disgustingly sweet and yummy frozen bellini.  We then ordered the 940 calorie laden smoked fonduta.  I think we both just liked saying fonduta.  We also split some severely overcooked pasta pomodora and some portobello raviolis.   We did it, we spent $50.32.  Feeling absolutely disgusted with ourselves we did the walk of shame from the restaurant to the car and headed to 700 for some night caps and conversation with our friend Mike and the bartender Kurt.  It was a weird Wednesday but it was really nice.  I felt totally badass walking around in my fancy rich lady vintage dress.  I think it might be the only Saks article of clothing I ever own.  


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