Monday, April 26, 2010

day two hundred thirty-seven.

Day Two Hundred Thirty-seven 4/22/10
Dress: Blue Smock Dress 
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5
Accessories:  Black boots, black tights, several belts throughout the day, blue flower hair clip
Hair and Makeup:  Hair was gross and varied throughout the day, usual makeup with "Alice" blue eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Lots of people, including me tried to figure out what was on the pocket of this dress.  One of my clients figured out it's a quill/ink and a book.  

Thursday.  Hmm. Let's see.  So I liked this dress when I bought it but eventually when I decided to wear it I realized that belting it was a pain in the ass since it had a huge weird pocket.  I belted it three different times that day with three different belts and eventually left the belt off entirely.  I thought I was being clever at one point by putting safety pins on either side of back waist area and then looping a fabric belt through the pins and pulling it tight, pulling the dress together in the back, then tying it off.  It actually was pretty clever if I don't say so myself but the safety pins ended up ripping the fabric a bit and eventually the "belting" lost its purpose.  Oh well.  I guess I have a cool night shirt now. 

I spent the day working and then Michael and I ate an early dinner.   Later that evening we joined our friend Rica for drinks at 700.  They have a blackberry chili margarita there that is just way too yummy.  After drinks we got pizza and headed home.   


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