Monday, April 19, 2010

day two hundred thirty-two.

Day Two Hundred Thirty-two 4/17/10
Dress:  Black Vintage "Ice Skating Costume" Dress
Purchased From: Lost & Found
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2009
Price: $20 but I had a gift certificate so it was free
Accessories:   black tights, green flats, squirrel bottle cap ring
Hair and Makeup:  Big teased crown pinned back, headband with the rest curled, usual makeup with smokey eyes and extra blush and later in the night dark wine colored lipstick
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Rica said it reminded her of Tammy Faye Baker, Albert made me do a spin and agreed it was ice skateresque when I proclaimed it so, Mary said I looked nice and liked my squirrel ring, Keith asked if I was wearing a bump-it (no)

It was a loooong day, but super fun from start to finish.  I woke up and knew the weather would be good for a black long sleeved dress so I got out my sewing kit and fixed the blown out arm pit area of this dress. It was find in the store but trying it on again at home resulted in some serious damage.  Sometimes the thread in vintage items just can't hold up for me, I'm not super delicate or graceful in my movements.  Sorry.  Throughout the day more and more of the threads of this dress broke and at one point I fixed the entire left sleeve, sewing it while wearing it.  By the end of the night, fourteen hours after donning the dress the entire left  side was ripped open.  Jesus.  I think I need to take this dress to a tailor and have them reinforce every single seam.   Crazy.   Good thing it was free(ish). 

My mother-in-law came down for a visit and we went to lunch at Hawthorne's, a new take out beer/lunch spot with lots of bottled beers available in refrigerated cases.  It's sort of like Philly's Foodery but with sit down restaurant style eating. It was a nice time but my omelet needed some help.  I did have a Cherry Lambic and orange juice, something I highly recommend for brunch or really any meal.  After lunch we headed into center city for some gelato that Michael was craving.  We came home and Michael immersed himself in his computer while we watched some movies.  

Later in the evening we joined some friends downtown at Doc Watson's for our friend Albert's birthday.  It was a really lovely time of drinking and talking.  Once we were all good and liquored up we headed around the corner to Woody's.  Rica, Albert, Mary and I pretended it was 1998 and danced to awful techno/house music amidst a sea of people.  I had tons of fun, the stars aligned for fun, seriously, more than half an hour of dancing to that music or one less drop of alcohol in my system  and it could have been a horrible time.  We left when the lights came on and after a lovely finale of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and Rica and I ducked into an open pizzeria to get a slice, just what our tummies needed after a boozetastic night.  Hers was filled with gin, mine whiskey.  We're a good pair.  We split a cab home and I passed out soon after.  I'm glad I went with this dress as the night worked out to be worthy of its weirdness. 


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