Sunday, April 18, 2010

day two hundred thirty-one.

Day Two Hundred Thirty-one 4/16/10
Dress:  Mauve Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $10
Accessories:   Greyish patterned fishnet(ish) tights, black flats
Hair and Makeup:  All day I wore it in two braids with bangs and the top part pinned up into a bow barrette but when I came home and took my pictures I hated it so much so I took it down. Sure this photo is a misinterpretation of my style on this day but as I've said before, it's my blog and I'll do what I want.  My makeup was a few purply/pink shades from the Alice eyeshadow palette plus the usual suspects. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  One of the desk guys at a building I go to daily said I "have a different look everyday," I liked that.  One of my clients (the one who called me fat) said I was "looking slim." 

I love this dress. It's easy and sort of classic.  I put it on and only had to struggle with the tights I chose.  At first I went with white but that was way too much like Chloe Sevigny's Big Love character so I switched to these fun pattern tights.  

I spent my day working and then came home to find that our tub and all of its components were intact.  Woot! The boys worked tirelessly to finish the cleanup process as tung oiling the floors is the next step in the finishing process.  I totally sucked and sat on the couch and watched dvr'd episodes of Law and Order.  I can't be awesome all the time you know.  Here's our third floor to distract you from that: 


landing area

front of the room- bed will be between two windows

side front- probably shelving or furniture.  note the sweet shelf 
above the green wall and amazing window sill storage. 

other side front, white wall will be covered with ikea 
wardrobe/closet solutions

back of room with bathroom 

stairway will have a door or bookcase nailed into the floor to 
create some semblance of privacy and awesomeness. we'll hang a 
tv on the white wall

back of room and bathroom entrance 

sweet awesomeness.  i guess we should name it.

with all of the fancy vintage tub gear.  get it all at 

After we marveled over the awesomeness for a bit Michael and I drove to Delaware so he could purchase the mac book pro. He's been waiting and waiting and waiting and finally it's out.  We came home and hung out with our friends Steve and Melissa and Arthritis Mike.  We have so many Mikes in our crew and her boyfriend is young and has arthritis while my husband is young and has glaucoma so we now have Arthritis Mike and Glaucoma Mike.  Ha. I guess it will cease being as funny in thirty years.  Oh well.  I made samiches and Bloody Marias and we watched stand up by Daniel Tosh.  I went to bed while Michael stayed up late and played with his new best friend, the mac book pro.   What a lovely day. 


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