Saturday, May 1, 2010

day two hundred forty-three.

Day Two Hundred Forty-three Wednesday 4/28/10
Dress:  Black and Turquoise Vintage 80s Dress
Purchased From: Thrift Fair 
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010 
Price: $4.95
Accessories:  Cream knit hat, turquoise striped leg warmers, neck cowl by Off The Chain Designs
Hair and Makeup:  Up in double buns with side swept bangs under a hat, usual makeup with extra black eyeshadow and mauve lips
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael called me "future amish", a client complimented my leg warmers

It was so cold on Wednesday that I had to dig out a bunch of cold weather accessories.  Luckily I had purchased this weird long sleeved dress on Monday.  The arms were super big and weird but otherwise I liked it a lot.  I added a knit hat, my favorite cowl by Off the Chain Designs and some leg warmers Jody bought me for Christmas one year. I was able to stay toasty and warm all day with the addition of my velvet jacket.  

I think I was moody all day on Wednesday and I meant to go grocery shopping before I got home but somehow got sidetracked and forgot so we had a weird medley of poor people freezer burned leftover food.  We split a microwave mac and cheese (a guilty pleasure of mine) and I made Quorn chicken patties and a saute of kale, walnuts and mushrooms.  It was too processed.  Later I ate a bag of popcorn and watched America's Next Top Model to drown my sorrows. 


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