Wednesday, May 26, 2010

day two hundred seventy.

Day Two Hundred Seventy Tuesday 5/25/10 
Dress: Red Vintage Polka Dot Dress
Purchased From:  Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $10.00

Accessories: Red and white striped cotton belt, white cotton knee socks, shiny mary jane flats
Hair and Makeup: Down and hot rollered with the bangs pinned back, usual makeup with some red lips
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  A girl in my class named MIa liked my dress and said it reminded her of Alice in Wonderland

These days are flowing together and the hours are getting away from me so quickly.  I woke up and did some homework and meandered around a bit. I got myself out of the house at a reasonable time, though I was still a little late.   I wore this dress because it's the fourth or fifth time I've put it on and I never liked it that much until yesterday.  I took advantage of the comfort and ease I felt in it and added a belt for a bit of waist definition, improving the look significantly.  Again, I'm crushing on knee socks so I rocked some white cotton socks and kept going with mary jane flats.  I was going for a vintage/doll look.  I think it went well. 

This dress is the last of my last Sazz Vintage haul.  Good thing there's another one on Sunday :)

We've finally (mostly) moved into our new warehouse. So why not invite ya'll over to check it out?!

We're having a 1 day sale THIS Sunday, May 30, from 12-6pm.
The warehouse is located on the corner of (east) Boston and Coral Streets in Fishtown, at 2019 Boston St., Phila., PA 19125.

From Frankford, turn west on York. Go 3 or 4 blocks to Emerald, turn right. Go 1/2 block, turn right on Boston. We're in the middle of the block, across from the empty lot.

1000s and 1000s of pieces of vintage, all for sale at wholesale pricing.

Cash only. No large bags please. Dress lightly and be prepared to dig!

I spent my day working and then headed to class.  I've been early both classes this week because it seems with me I'm either early or late, never on time.  I'll get there someday. Class, again, was awesome.  We discussed literature and had two writing workshops.  I came home and went out for Mexican for Orsborn, Chad, Lindsay and MIchael. Stupid vegan beef gets me every time, bellyaches.  Michael and I came home and watched a smidge of television before heading to bed because it was already midnight.  Crazy. 


Kristin said...

I love your blog! I finally went through my cards from fitlers square, I'm the button ring girl. Thanks so much for the post! I'll be in the city again at B2 Cafe on Passyunk and Dickinson on June 5th. And I will make sure to tell everyone about your blog!

Abigail said...

Thanks Kristin! I will continue to stalk your etsy and hopefully I'll see you at another craft sale!

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