Monday, June 28, 2010

day three hundred.

Day THREE HUNDRED! Friday  6/25/10 
Dress:  Orange Sheath Dress
Purchased From:  MOLLY DELANEY
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $FREE

Accessories:  Black belt, black flats and then later black boots
Hair and Makeup: Up in a bun for some of the day and then bangs pinned back and the rest down for the remainder of the day. Usual makeup with a little orange frosted HIP eyeshadow from Loreal. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: My waxer complimented my dress and my pain tolerance.

I had to start work early on Friday.  Early to me is eleven.  I am spoiled.  I threw on one of the first dresses I saw and ran out to work because of course, I was running behind and didn't want to actually be late.  I worked a bit and then came home to walk the houseguest puppy.  I then ran out to my waxing appointment as I'm delving back into Brazilian waxing for the summer and maybe for life.  I went to a new place near my house and got waxed by a lady who really gets in there and does the job.  It's slightly awkward and uncomfortable but the results are great. She reminds me of the stories I've heard of crazy old Russian lady waxers instead of the hoity-toity I'm used to at my old waxing residence, Body Restorations, in Center City.   The experience was slightly surreal and I was complimented on both my pain tolerance and flexibility.  Somehow I don't feel violated at all though.  After the wax, which sort of feels like someone repeatedly punched your vagina, I continued working and then delivered my houseguest pup back home.  Sad.  I suppressed my sadness with a visit to the newly renovated Thrift Fair.  It's been over two weeks since they closed their doors for renovations, of which I see none.  Perplexing. I did manage to buy a few awesome dresses- happy to see that hasn't changed. 

I came home and succumbed to my tired eyes, giving into the couch for a bit.  Michael and Steve convinced me, ok asked me, to go to Kraftwork for beers and dinner.  I got a sour cherry, goat cheese, walnut and arugula salad with flat bread accompanied with two 11% dark, lovely beers.  Needless to say I was a bit drunky upon our exit.  Maybe I was feeling a little violated after all. 


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