Saturday, June 26, 2010

day two hundred ninety-eight.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-eight Wednesday  6/23/10 
Dress:  Red Strapless Sun Dress
Purchased From:  MOLLY DELANEY
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $Free

Accessories:  Red wedge sneakers that I attempted to wear dogwalking- HA! That didn't last and I switched to black flats after an hour. 
Hair and Makeup: Big high bun twist thing, usual makeup

I really thought that since these wedge heels seen above were sneaker inspired that I could get away with wearing them walking all day.  Nope. And probably not because of the heel part but more because I've worn them twice before in over a year and they're not broken in yet so they were a little blister inducing.  Oh well, I was smart and carried a spare pair of flats with me.  This dress was from my Molly haul and man I regretted cheating on her dresses with a Rainbow dress the previous day as I woke up with a rash all over my body- no doubt from the shitty detergent Rainbow uses on their garments.  I usually wash my stuff before wearing it but I was so excited about the newspaper print that my usual logic flew out the window and turned into a bird.  I have super sensitive skin and can't use any fun products or smelly stuff if it will be in contact with my skin.  I'm delicate damn you!  Once the dress (yes, I slept in that stupid newspaper dress) was off of my body the rash stopped spreading and started to clear up.  GROSS! 

I spent my day working and then came home and made amazing seitan and smoked tofu fajitas with chipotle ranch broccoli slaw and avocado crema- it's my current favorite dinner.    I predict I'll make it a lot in the next few months. 


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