Saturday, July 10, 2010

day three hundred ten

Day Three Hundred Ten Monday  7/5/10 
Dress:  Grey Tank Dress with Buttons
Purchased From:  Rainbow
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5

Accessories:  Black short sleeved jacket sometimes, green flats sometimes and blue sandals others, a black flower hair clip
Hair and Makeup: Pulled pack for some of the day since it was crazy hot and then Down and wavy, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael likes to call this dress my Sgt. Pepper dress

Monday was the start of  our vacation.  We woke up and packed and got the house ready and took off for Atlantic City.  I wore this dress because it was stupid hot and I thought the hoochie factor worked well with my destination. Generally I'm not super into this style dress for various reasons.  We made it to AC fast, checked into to our awesome hotel, The Chelsea, and immediately settled in to our fun, fancy room.  

I painted my toe nails and we watched the documentary Gasland,  not super vacationy but it was quite intriguing so despite the somber subject we left it on and watched the whole thing.  After a few hours and a little yelp help we decided to head to Tony's Baltimore Grill for some pizza and drinks.  It's the most amazing dive bar/restaurant.  Our waitress was made of red leather and had short, bleached spiky hair.  Perfect. We ordered a white pizza, a beer for Michael and a glass of $3.50 chardonnay for me.  I was prompted by the waitress to go for a full bottle for $11 at 5pm.  Nice.  I declined.  The pizza was delicious and we soaked in the dive bar atmosphere while we savored the pizza's cheesy goodness.  My favorite aspect of the place besides its insanely dark interior was this section of wall:  

It prompted me to finally download the hipstamatic app so I could photograph it.  After dinner we ventured back to our room for a nap and a viewing of half of Kung Fu Panda, because that is what vacation is all about- naps and weird movie choices.  I also became obsessed with the hipstamatic app and took way too many pictures with it.  

We woke up late and a little hungry so we headed out onto the boardwalk in search of food and libations.  We remembered that our roommate, Steve, had suggested we try the Irish Pub right off of the boardwalk.  It was another fabulous dive bar.  Hearts.  We were serenaded by drunk girls singing along with classic rock juke box selections.

We got salads and split an order of cheese fries, when in Jerz.  The salads were ginormous and lovely.  We had beers and ate a trough of lettuce, cheese and croutons.  We obsessed over the photograph that adorned our booth, a 1923 Beauty Pageant group photograph.  The girls were awesome looking, with amazing style and hair.  I decided I'd maybe prefer the 20's to the 50's if I ever got access to a time machine with only one trip allowance.  The pictures I attempted didn't work but you can get the idea of the awesomeness of this particular girl and her crazy blur: 

Completely stuffed we walked back dodging the array of pedicabs/push carts/or whatever the hell you call them soliciting our asses.  These things: 

I told Michael the only way I'd ever ride in one is if I planned to kill myself in it at the end of the ride because riding in one would signify I've given up on life.  He got a big kick out of that.  Clearly I'd never do this but then I decided I should write a short story based on that idea.  I love vacation.  



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