Wednesday, August 11, 2010

day three hundred hundred forty-seven.

Day Three Hundred Forty-seven Wednesday 8/11/10
Dress:  White Floral Dress with Fancy Crocheted Back
Purchased From: Mishel's clothing swap 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $FREE
Accessories:  Green flats
Hair and Makeup: During the day two low side buns and barrettes, in the evening the side pinned up and the other side in a bun, usual makeup with tons of green and blue MAC eyeshadows.
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael, Sue and Rica liked my dress

I love this dress.  It's so pretty I can just stare at it and it makes me happy. The back is pretty fabulous and fancy too.  I snagged it at the clothing swap and will probably hand it down to my friend Becky next since her friend thought she'd like it.  I told her I'd wear it and give it to her because we all know I don't need any more dresses in my house. 

I got up early today and took the newly fixed Element to get inspected.  Ugh.  Next up on the agenda is a new clutch.  I am such a bad person when it comes to cars.  I have successfully murdered a Toyota Tercel via a thrown engine rod, a Honda Civic via a transmission but then some asshole fell asleep at the wheel and totaled it so that sort of worked in my favor, a BMW 318is via too many issues to list but one of them included a new clutch too and now the Element.  I need a fucking tank. I drive like an asshole, and often.  So I dropped it off and continued to use Rica's car, thanks Rica!  I came home and tore my house apart looking for something I got for Sue's birthday back in June.  Apparently planning ahead is not a good idea for pack rats.  The gift has jumped ship.  I did start on the cleanup of our middle room, the wood stove room.  It was torn apart during third floor bathroom construction, as we needed to run pipes to the basement.  This resulted in me losing a built in bookshelf, no good. All of the things that called the bookshelf home were boxed or bagged and placed on the futon.  It is piled high and looks awful.  I moved most of the books to our bedroom but so many other random things still reside on the futon graveyard.  The floor was also becoming inundated with junk, including the camping gear that needed to work its way to the basement.  I got a good bit done but there are miles to go before it's clean.  I did work some magic with the one piece of the oven that Michael salvaged when he got rid of his garage and two old ovens.  It now calls the top of the cabinets home.  Please ignore the awful wallpaper and cabinet colors.  We'll get to those eventually. 

After two hours of cleanup I still did not find the damn Sue jawn.  Ugh.  I'll track it down someday I'm sure.  Maybe in time for Christmas.  I realized how late it was and got my ass in gear, slapping on some makeup and making a veggie turkey wrap.  I spent the day working and then headed home for a quick hair change and freshening.  I picked up Rica, then picked up the Element- $450 later it's inspected and we got a $992 clutch replacement estimate.  Blargh.  It never ends.  I left the shop and started walking to Sue's, right around the corner, then realized that I had to walk back and get the Element.  After two weeks of not having it I guess I got used to it.  Ha.  I picked up Sue and Rica and we headed to Horizon's for dinner. Nom, nom,nom.  We all split a pitcher of sangria and Sue and I split the bbq seitan app and two entrees- the pan seared tofu and the grilled seitan.  It was delicious but I think we were both under the impression that splitting entrees means you should eat both of your halves in entirety.  We were quite full.  Our plans to head to Govinda's for vegan ice cream were foiled by our inability to stop eating.  After dinner we headed back to Sue's so I could load up her itunes with lullaby renditions of awesome music.  I had no idea this existed, it's really beautiful.  I gave her The Cure, Radiohead, Bjork, Journey, Nirvana, and The Ramones.  Lemon will be the coolest baby ever.  

I came home and snuggled with Michael and now I guess I should do some homework.  Yup, I'll do that. 


Randi said...

Love you in this dress, very chic--the dress and the pose.

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