Tuesday, August 10, 2010

day three hundred hundred forty-five.

Day Three Hundred Forty-five Monday 8/9/10
Dress:  Off White and Grey Polka Dot Dress
Purchased From: Clothing Swap/Rica hand me down since I had first dibs on her bag 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $FREE
Accessories:  Black flats, squirrel bottle cap ring
Hair and Makeup: I stole this hair style from my friend Kelly- one side up and then the rest pulled over to the side.  She did a ponytail but it was hot so I opted for a side bun and twisted bangs. Usual makeup with some grey eyeshadow and red lips. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Rica commented that I took her dress, Michael said something nice but I can't remember what. 

I snagged this dress from my friend Rica's bag that she asked us to take to the clothing swap for her since she was out of town for a weeding.  It was a little big and showed my bra so I used a piece of ribbon to connect the two straps in the back and one safety pin to make it more fitted.  I liked the romantic, classic feel of the dress so I went with some romantic hair and makeup.  I took a few pics of the hair/makeup but I was already sweating profusely so they are beyond not cute in the sweaty forehead department.  

It was so, so hot today.  Lots of people said no, it's nice, there's a breeze.  I whole heartedly disagree.  I drank something like forty ounces of water by 3 pm. I peed and sweated a lot.  Dumb.  I spent my morning working on my Cinderella revision and I think I have some ideas to fix it. I'll keep working on it.  I headed out to work in the heat and then went to school early and worked more on the story. The revision wasn't due today so that's good, I need to speak with my Professor about it before I hand it a fully revised story. Class was short because our Professor's husband had visited the hospital and been released earlier in the day and was waiting for her at home.  I went to Whole Foods and then came home and made dinner of sour cream mashed potatoes Quorn veggie gruyere chicken cutlets, and a small spinach salad.  Michael and I watched some of Pineapple Express until he fell asleep and I headed out to the airport to retrieve Rica, Albert and Keith.  I got home and did some more tv therapy when I should've been doing homework.  Blargh.  

Before I go I need to mention that my Mom had to put our final dachshund to sleep today.  He was the last of five that spanned twenty-four years.  I remember when he was born and when my now roommate Steve came to meet him and maybe take him home.  I was not happy about that situation and had no clue we'd become great friends and one day live together.  Luckily Chewy stayed with us and I bonded with him something fierce.  He will be sorely missed, as will the rest of those fabulous wiener dogs.  Rest in Peace little doggies. 


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