Sunday, August 8, 2010

day three hundred hundred forty-four.

Day Three Hundred Forty-four Sunday 8/8/10
Dress:  Black Sailor Jerry Butterfly Dress
Purchased From: Clothing Swap 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $FREE
Accessories:  Black Chucks, black knee highs, yellow hair kerchief
Hair and Makeup:  Down, unbrushed with a hair kerchief, usual makeup with yellow and black eyeshadows
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: One of my clients liked that my eyeshadow matched my headband, Michael liked the dress and made some stupid butterfly comment 

I like this dress.  It's super comfortable and fun.  The fact that it was free doesn't hurt either.  I saw the headband on the floor so I went with it and then decided to wear some yellow eyeshadow to match.  I'm dorky like that.  

Today flew by even though I barely did anything.  We woke up late, tenish, and got a slow start.  I updated some blogs, walked the doggie that was staying with us and then took him home.  I tried to help my friend Chad move but the truck was unloaded by the time I got back.  Whoops.  I came home and made giant omelets for Michael and I and we finished watching The Men Who Stare at Goats.  It was good but I'm glad I didn't see it in the theater.  We cleaned up the living room a bit and our friends Katy and Drew came to see our bathtub, as they are renovating their bathroom and choosing between a modern square tub and a claw foot.  

I had a bloody maria with brunch and it kind of screwed me up for the rest of the day.  The fact that my Aunt Flo is visiting at the moment didn't help either.  I tried to read but took a mini nap instead.  I cleaned and organized in our bedroom for a bit and then continued updating blogs, finally finishing now and I'm all up to date! Only twenty-one days left! I can't believe it.  I'll have to stay on top of it and go back to actual daily entries.  Now I have to figure out to revise that stupid Cinderella story but first TRUE BLOOD! 

Oh and here's a picture of my cat being awesome and zombified: 


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