Saturday, August 14, 2010

day three hundred hundred forty-nine.

Day Three Hundred Forty-nine Friday 8/13/10
Dress:  Brownish Pink Sweater Dress
Purchased From: Becky's from the clothing swap 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $FREE
Accessories:  Red flats,Kurt Halsey bird necklace
Hair and Makeup: Pulled back into a bun for some of the day, top in a bun and the rest curled for the evening, usual makeup with lots of grey eyesshadow

Holy nice day Batman! I took advantage of it and wore this sweater fabric dress.  My friend Becky brought it to the clothing swap and thought I'd like it.  She was right.  I woke up late and meandered around, did some dishes and got ready to go work. My hair is wicked dirty right now so I just put it up in a bun to avoid it.  I slapped on some makeup and headed out to work.  I had a slow day so I used the late afternoon to take myself on a little used bookstore/thrift store tour.  I went to Brickbat Books, Headhouse Books, (which is apparently not a used bookstore) Germ Books, Circle Thrift and Super Thrift.  It was a real whirlwind.  Ok, not really.  I was kind of super disappointed in the bookstores.  I got a copy of The Great Gatsby at Brickbat since I've never read it. I know, blasphemous. I'm on it.  Germ was awesome but it's definitely more for the sci-fi/conspiracy theory nerds of the world.  I think the Fairmount used bookstore remains my favorite.  I'll have to make a visit this week.  I did score two dresses at Circle Thrift, and two scarves and a retro picnic basket at Super Thrift.  Nice.  After my crazy little tour I came home and read a little, the fourth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  It's summer damn it.  I've been reading lots of real literature short stories for class so I don't feel that bad for indulging.  I took a mini nap and then Michael and I headed to Bar Ferdinand for some tapas and drinks.  We totally over ordered and got our leftovers wrapped up. Unfortunately I left them on the table and in the two minutes it took me to come to this realization they had thrown them away.  D'oh. They were very sweet and offered to remake the food.  Since I'm not a total asshole I declined and we headed home.  The meal was lovely so I really can't complain too much.  I love date nights.  


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