Monday, August 30, 2010

day three hundred hundred sixty-three.

Day Three Hundred Sixty-three Friday  8/27/10
Dress: Green and Blue Floral Vintage Fancypants Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift Clothing Swap
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $FREE!
Accessories:  Feather hair clip,  green flats, blue rose ring
Hair and Makeup: Big puff with a feather hair clip (from Art Star), teased bangs, the rest curled, tons of black eye makeup and usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael liked the outfit, Jody liked the hair clip, one of my clients asked where I was going and said I looked adorable.  I told her nowhere in particular, I just felt like being fancy. 

Sometimes a girls just got to get fancified for no good reason, because it's Friday, because this dress begs to be combined with this feather hair clip, because it's the third to the last blog in the year of dresses, because I got an A in my second summer class, because, because, because. It felt silly to walk around all day like this and walk dogs.  I got a lot of weird looks but I'm used to that so I just laughed.  I spent my day working and then came home and freshened up before heading to Kraftwork for dinner and drinks with friends Spano, Jody, Sean and Marie.  Stupidly I hadn't eaten anything all day because it took way longer to get fancy than I'd expected and because the box of nutri grain cereal bars in the cabinet was an empty box.  D'oh.  So yeah, I got a little drunky on Friday.  I had a flight of okay beers (the Victory Baltic Porter was the yummiest, the rest were blah) and then a wicked yummy goblet of Russian River Consecration Wild Ale.  That one, in retrospect, is probably the one that knocked me on my ass since it's a ten percenter.  I also enjoyed a goat cheese and summer veg flatbread pizza. Delicious! 
After Kraftwork we headed home to pick up Steve and then went to Kung Fu Necktie for a show.  Our friend's band, Live Not on Evil, was playing.  There I switched to Powers and ginger ale and continued on my drunken merry way.  The show was really good, but really short and so after we headed to the M Room for a few drinks for a night cap.  I think it was something like 10:30 at this point.  Steve and I decided to get specials (a pbr and shot of whiskey) and then we did more shots of Powers.  This is where the night gets hazy.  I apparently punched my friend Chad in the back of his neck, breaking my awesome rose ring and somehow I got a ton of bruises and a huge gash on my leg.  I also remember hanging out with a cat on Girard Ave, he was super sweet and let me hold him.  Once home I apparently made sandwiches, burned myself on the toaster oven, took my sandwich to bed but passed out before I could eat it and then woke up startled and put my hand in my sandwich.  Good times.  I guess maybe getting fancy wasn't the best idea after all!


LaToya said...

Love the print and color on this dress!

Georgia said...

This is one of my favorites!

Here is an interesting idea, which is sortof the antithesis of this blog, maybe it will spark you with an idea for the next phase in your life / blog.

Abigail said...

Thanks LaToya!

Georgia- check out these two blogs, you might like them :)
They have similar concepts :)

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