Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day three hundred hundred sixty-four.

Day Three Hundred Sixty-four Saturday  8/28/10
Dress: White Striped Vintage Dress
Purchased From:  Country Gift and Thrift Shoppe 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $1.50
Accessories:  Grey slip, black Payless pumps, vintage floral locket
Hair and Makeup:  Usual makeup with some  extra blush, hair pinned into a bun with swooped and swirled bangs.
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  I swear I got more compliments on this dress than anything I've worn all year.  Michael liked it and made fun of the sleeves at the same time,  the ladies of one of my favorite stores, Omoi, liked it and my hair color, Georgia and Rica liked it, a random Fishtown resident liked it and I think that's it if I remember correctly. 

Oh Saturday.  I was sooooo very hungover from drinking too, too much whiskey and too many high alcohol beers. I woke up at 8:30 with a full on headache and nausea.  I realized I was still in my dress from the day before, potato chip crumbs littered the floor and I had no clue how I got to bed or what may have happened the last hour or so of the night.  I also had a burn on my arm, several bruises and quite a large scratch (or gash) on my leg.  Ugh.  And I thought it was just vodka that did it.  Apparently I should just be a grown up and stop drinking so damn much.  Ha! I'm sure that'll happen.  I took some ibuprofen and drank a pint of water and went back to sleep for four hours.  I got up and made crazy people hangover breakfast food: leftover flatbread goat cheese pizza, an english muffin, veggie bacon and sausage, hash browns with scrambled eggs and cheese mixed in and a bowl of rice krispies. Overeating always makes me feel better when I'm hungover.  After breakfast, which was really around late lunch, I got back into bed and read a bit and then took a nap.  I finally got ready and headed out to do some jobs and grab a gift for my friend Georgia since it was her birthday last week.   I love this dress, and even more so since it was $1.50!!! It was the tag color on sale at the thrift store by my parent's house.  That meant it was half of its regular asking price of $3.  I paired it with a slip since it's sheer and then thought a bun would go well with it, to really show off those puffy sleeves.  Since it was Saturday and I was happy to pair it with some cute black non-leather pumps from Payless.  This whole outfit cost me something like $25, including the shoes and jewelry.  Word.  

I stopped at one of my favorite stores, Omoi, and drooled over awesome stuff I wanted before settling on a cocktail infusion set for her.  On the way to my jobs the Element started acting like a jerk on me, with the check engine light on and a lovely lurching, stalling motion.  I really enjoyed driving it like that, no really.  I stopped at a gas station to get oil as the two times the Element has acted up in this way before it was due to a need for an oil top off.  Weird, since I just had an oil change.  Ugh. So I couldn't get the damn oil cap off and this nice gentleman helped me do so.  He struggled a bit too so I didn't feel super terrible about it.  He then lectured me about not adding too much oil and blah, blah and had no interest in what I had to say of the car's previous shenanigans.  I just wanted to get out of there.  Finally he let me go and I headed home, calling Michael to lament on how annoyed I was with the situation.  

Once home he drove me to, the new to Northern Liberties, Dmitri's to meet up with Georgia and Rica for dinner.  It's really lovely there and for a seafood restaurant I was able to eat a ton of stuff.  They have pasta, small Greek plates, etc.  I opted for the Plum Tomato Pasta and the Feta and Olives plate.  Holy feta batman!  I had to take some home, sooo much cheese!  The food came out super, duper fast and we ate and gabbed liked hens.  It was quite a lovely lady/birthday dinner.   We stayed after our food to finish a bottle white wine, well I had one glass since I was still feeling pretty ick, but managed to consume an insane amount of water.  Afterwards we got gelato and sat in the Piazza and gabbed some more.  We walked back to Georgia's so she could get her bike and then we headed to Kraftwork and met up with Georgia's man friend Bob, my man friend Michael and Georgia's coworker, Karen for a night cap. Unfortunately they had changed the keg of the one beer Michael and I were craving, that amazingly sour Russian River Consecration.  Ugh.  I need to get back there and get a goblet of that goodness.  I nursed my goblet of Victory Baltic Porter for quite some time; my body was not feeling it at all.   We headed home and I got right back into bed to kill my hangover for good! 


LaToya said...

That is a lovely dress! I love your pose!

devilishlypleasurable said...

love that dress! :)

Melrose said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

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