Wednesday, September 16, 2009

day eighteen

Day Eighteen 9/15/2009
Dress: Black and White Vertical Stripe Dress
Purchased From: A Thrift Store, not sure which one
Year or Era Purchased: Sometime prior to Summer 2003
Price: $? I bet under $5? 
Accessories: none
Hair and Makeup: bangs pulled back, blush but no eye makeup :(
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: none 
Day: There are going to be days when I hate my dress.  Sometimes I love the dress I wore today but today was not one of those days.  I like to call this one big top pee-wee because it's so ridiculous and circusy.  I can't remember at all where I bought this dress but clearly it was a thrift store.  I can't remember which ones I frequented at the time period it was purchased.  Sorry.  I do, however, remember the first time I ever wore this dress and I think that's why I refuse to part with it.  I got a phone call from my friend and dog walker mentor, Gina.  She was at the dog park and there was a kitten (okay he was more like a young cat) mewing its face off in a tree.  I met her at the park and climbed the tree in this very dress, grabbed him and took him home as a "foster cat".  I meticulously picked flea after flea off of his little frame and gave him a bath.  His face became blackened with fleas clambering upwards to avoid the flea shampoo.  His name is now Flea and he is six years old and king of our castle.  God I love that cat.

Today's dress requires a great deal of confidence in my opinion because it is so very awful and amazing at the same time.  Since my eyes are once again allergy ridden (I'm all splotchy!!!) and the day just kept getting worse it was certainly not the day for the dress.  Oh well.  I can't love them all.   I guess I should explain that the photo was taken at my friend Kelly's house and I saw a watermelon on her counter and that made me think of Dirty Dancing when Baby is carrying the watermelons and how it's sad that Patrick Swayze died.  I'm a little weird today.  

Today can be summed up like this: wake up late as I forgot to set alarm, squirrel action ( I got to say hello to Maalox this morning and he was very excited to see the first signs of Fall in his backyard offerings as the grocery stores are now selling his favorite mixed nuts, Rosetta Stone French lesson one, work, gym, eat, Friday the 13th remake, and now maybe another lesson, shower and then bed.  Boring. Sorry.  It was just one of those frustrating, icky days that I'd rather forget.  But I was happy since I got to remember the day my little Flea man came into my life.  Oh and Michael gave me an adorable anniversary card with a squirrel couple on it that sort of made me cry a little.  So yeah, it wasn't all bad.  


Jody said...

let's try this again...btw, it is too early, ab, to be coherent!

ok, WELL maybe you aren't crazy about that dress, and maybe it is the watermelon or your badass stance, but i am digging this scene on down, lady pants!

whew! me thinks i got it right that time :)

HeadlessMonster said...

Wait, I didn;t know you were part of the cast for It's a Living. GREAT JOB!

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