Tuesday, September 15, 2009

day seventeen.


Day Seventeen 9/14/2009
Dress: V-neck Tattoo Print Dress
Purchased From: Ross
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $11.99
Accessories: crazy pattern boots
Hair and Makeup: down and wavy, usual makeup and allergy eyes again :(
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: none today
Day: Today's dress is one of my favorite dresses and since I knew we'd be waking up in a hotel today all googily eyed and lovey I thought it was an appropriate choice since it has a giant heart/love banner on it.  I bought this dress maybe two and a half months ago and I think I've worn it eight or nine times already.  It's super comfy, I think it's flattering and I love the print.  I wore the same boots as yesterday because I was in a hotel and not at my shoe rack.  

Before I go into today I'd like to give a more detailed description of yesterday since I cheated a little bit and since I loved the day so much I'd like to write it down in hopes that I'll remember it better.  For our anniversary I gave Michael this card: 
It's from Etsy from the seller, localwisdomcards

I really love it and will frame it with our wedding photo collage if we ever get the prints done.  Inside I made up a coupon stating we were headed to the Omni hotel.  We took the el and checked into the hotel at 4th and Chestnut.  Upon check-in we were asked what brought us to Philadelphia, which caused us to chuckle and I explained that we were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary and had stayed at an Omni in Montreal for our honeymoon.  The clerk said she'd make sure we got a really nice room and we did indeed.  It was gorgeous and huge.  It was an end of the hallway room so there was a little hallway in the actual room and around the corner was the large bathroom and huge open hotel room with a flat screen TV, love seat, king size bed and tons of windows with a beautiful view of Chestnut Street and beyond.  We also had carpeting that was almost a perfect match to my crazy boots that I bought on clearance at Bare Feet Shoes on a shoe shopping trip with Rica.  About five minutes after our arrival we heard a knock on the door only to find a complimentary bottle of champagne was delivered as an amenity.  I thought that stuff only happened in the movies.  We were totally like little kids and we giggled with glee but we were starving so we headed out to Beau Monde for crepes like we had in Montreal.  Yum.  A few doors down from Beau Monde is the flower shop Poppy, which Michael pulled me into and bought me a beautiful long stemmed orange rose.  We then stopped off to grab some peach juice so we could make bellinis with our comped champagne and made a quick tourist style stop at a hidden garden nook I found a few weeks ago right off of Pine Street.  We were in crepe comas so we stopped pretending to be tourists and headed back to our room for a nap.  


Later in the evening we indulged in beer and french fries and then walked around Olde City again like we were tourists.  I actually saw a few things I've never noticed before.  It was a beautiful night but we had pressing business to attend to so we got back to the room to indulge in the season finale of True Blood and anniversary bellinis.  I also made sure to take tons of pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror because the lighting was awesome and caused some wicked creepy eye action.  Check it: 


This morning we lounged about and enjoyed our last few hours of fake vacation and I discovered my new obsession, the Wendy Williams show.  Oh my god I loved it.  We finally departed home and back to reality and a work day.  I worked, went to the gym and made tacos for dinner and we watched The Mist, which we both agreed was just okay.  About an hour ago Michael and I ate our saved piece of wedding cake, well okay we ate a small bite each.  It actually wasn't too terrible and maybe that's because it was vegan?  The cake was very stale but the icing tasted fine and we didn't die or get horrible diarrhea yet so I think we're good to go.  I hope it brings luck and not tummy aches.  Now I'm dealing with allergy eyes again and trying to figure out if they are in reaction to the urban decay primer potion or mother nature.  I took a claritin so cross your fingers.    I'm off to bed, it's not king but at least it's a pillow top and my cutey pie is  in it waiting for me.  Swoon. 


Jody said...

ok, way maybe you aren't crazy about that dress, and maybe it is the watermelon or your badass stance, but i am digging this scene on down, lady pants!

Jody said...

shoot...that first comment i made was for the dress above...big top pee wee. i got confused! anyway, this one is all kinds of cute, too :)

HeadlessMonster said...

I like the mixed patterns. InterroBANG!

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