Sunday, September 27, 2009

day twenty-nine.

Michael and I argued over which picture to use for today.  He voted below, I voted above so I just used both.

Day Twenty-nine 9/26/2009
Dress: Red Long Slip Dress
Purchased From: Super Thrift in the Port Richmond shopping center
Year or Era Purchased: 2008
Price: $3
Accessories: White cardigan, black on black high top Chuck Taylors
Hair and Makeup:  big poofy bangs and buns, bright red lips
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Spano said he liked the dress, Michael made some comments that may or may not had to do with "nipple tassels" 
Day:  Today ended up being really busy and sort of productive but not really.  I woke up refreshed and headache free. So nice.  It was the first time in a long time that I slept quickly and before Michael.  I made a pot of coffee and got dressed.   Maybe it was a subconcious thing as one of the songs at last night's forgetters show had the lyrics red dress, red nails but I picked out a red dress for today.  There was a chill in the air so I wanted something covering so a long slip dress was quite helpful.  I paired it with a cardigan and later in the day when the chill got stronger I threw on my fall/spring Audrey Hepburn inspired jacket.  

I bought today's dress while thrift shopping with my Mom sometime last year. I think it was late Spring but I can't remember.  It might even have been Mother's Day or around that time.  I know Baby Mama was in the theater during the time period because I remember meeting up with Orsborn and the Lalondes to have ice cream at Cold Stone and we discussed that he had heard the movie was not so much good.  Wow, that is so random.  Anyway I know today's dress is sort of a slip or a house dress or something but I don't care; I love it.   I woke up with insanely puffy and itchy eyes and everyone I speak with seems to be suffering with terrible allergies this year so I guess that's why.  Ugh. They eventually went down but I felt a bit like Sloth from the Goonies for a while there.  

Early in the afternoon I got a text from my friend Kristin that Sazz Vintage was having a crazy warehouse vintage clothing sale around the corner from her house.  I went over to check it out and scored big time.  The set up was the top floor of a huge warehouse with boxes and mountains of vintage clothing to sort through and purchase. 

The girl that ran it was so sweet and immediately calmed my fears and instructed me on the best ways to search the goods using empty boxes and sheets.  I filled a box and positioned myself at the mirror for try-ons.  Today's dress was such a good idea for trying on clothes since it was so thin.  Go me.  I ended up leaving there with 8 day dresses, one slip and one evening gown.  One of my dresses has a camel pattern on it, so good!  I absolutely suggest you check it out if they do it again, which might be in December if it's not crazy cold.  I will definitely be wearing all of the dresses in this blog!  That sort of makes me think I might extend the blog a bit longer than one hundred days depending on the number of dresses I have left.  Or maybe I'll do a day 101 with photos of all the dresses I intend to donate or sell since they don't actually fit and/or I hate them.  We'll see. I'm only on day twenty-nine but I'm already worrying about this being over.  I suppose it gives me a purpose and I like having that feeling. 

Anyway I did some more errands and then made amazing veggie turkey and cheese hoagies for lunch before taking Michael to Best Buy for an extra camcorder battery so he can annoy the crap out of me in France next week (oh my god, next week!) by filming everything in his sights.   I then went and did some cat jobs, which is where today's main dress pictures were taken.  I know it might be inappropriate but some of the backgrounds are just so amazing.  I love the apartment I was in today, I got to watch it transform into what it is today since it started almost as a shell when we first stared caring for the kitties Clyde and Murray who live there.  It is now mostly painted white, with a lot of white accents and furniture of the antique and modern variety.  It's really just simply amazing.   Since the dress was red and the background gorgeous I decided to do the photo with the color accent function on the camera.  Always fun.  

I came home and met up with Spano, Jody, Sean, Michael and Bob and all of us minus Bob ventured to a benefit show at Exit Skateshop.  The benefit was for a book called barred for life featuring people with Black Flag tattoos and some photography from my friend Jared.  One of the bands playing tonight was our friend's band Backwoods Payback.  Wow that was a lot of links. Anyway I was super proud of myself and felt like a nineteen year old for going to two shows in two days.  Nice.  I came home and ate a bagel and now I'm doing this.  I know I promised to write about yesterday but it's late and I'm so tired and it's raining and chilly and it's the perfect night to crawl into bed and fall fast asleep and weren't promises meant to be broke anyway?  I took a picture in the bathroom of Exit today so I'll leave you with it.  


Mom said...

Not sure I like the bottom of this dress, too foofie. Do remember the day you got it. We had seen hairspray, while Mike Randi and Orsborn went to a phillies game.

HeadlessMonster said...

yo, who's studio/place is that?!

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