Thursday, October 22, 2009

day fifty-five.

Day Fifty-five 10/22/2009
Dress: White Hearta Dot Vintage Dress, yup, they're not polka dots, they're hearta dots
Purchased From: Crap, I think it was either Circle Thrift or Plaid Pony Vintage.
Year or Era Purchased: 2008
Price: $5 or $20?
Accessories: Red and White Polka Dot Belt, Black Slip, Black Flats
Hair and Makeup: Down and curly, then a pony tail, teal eyeshadow and black eyeliner
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A bunch of my friends complimented the dress 

Today was a good day, not great and not bad, just good.  I didn't sleep enough since we were up to watch the game and somehow I didn't go to sleep until almost 2AM so I was a bit tired but oddly full of some sort of nervous energy right off the bat.  Michael's bike was in the shop so I drove him to the El and then came home and walked my stay over dog buddy Wally.  He's really fun and lovey but has decided he likes Michael better, as most animals in my life that I care for eventually do.  Since they don't speak English very well, we've been doing flashcards but their tiny brains just aren't comprehending, they don't understand when I explain to them how I fill their food and water bowls, ensure they are parasite free, scoop their poops, etc. etc.  Whatever.  Case in point, Wally is sleeping on Michael right now even though I was the one who fed him his two meals walked him numerous times, played with him and gave him treats and fresh water today.  Again, whatever. 

I worked a good bit today and then went to Memphis Taproom for Ms. Kristin G's birthday.  I got her some letters that spell out BOOSH.  She liked them.  I got her something else too but she has to wait to get it.  

I wanted to wear something vintage in honor of KG's bday since she likes cool old stuff.  Today's dress is more 80's vintage though I think. I really can't remember if I got it at a Plaid Pony sale or from Circle Thrift.  Sorry!  I decided to pair it with a big belt so it looked less 80's.  I'm not sure if I accomplished that or not.  I do know that that damn belt made me feel like a giant person all day and I am so going back on my diet and exercise regimen asap!  But that didn't happen tonight since we were out to eat.  Michael and I split a well done veggie burger and a Smoked Coconut and Tofu Club Sandwich, both very tasty.  Smoked coconut sort of tastes like fake bacon in case you were wondering.  I had two glasses of wine instead of beer because this whole learning how to drink beer thing might be good for my palette but it is awful on my waistline.  

We came home and watched the new It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and some of the Yankees/Angels game to prepare for the coming weeks of games.  I find it pompous that the Yankees don't wear their names on their jerseys.  I know that's a random thought but it's my blog so I'll random it up all I want. This weekend I will begin to kick ass on my Halloween costume because boy did I wait until the last minute on this one! I'm still keeping it quiet and only telling select people in case I fail miserably and have to wear one of my animal masks and just go as a bank robber in an animal mask.   

Until tomorrow, Riot Juice!   


HeadlessMonster said...

This maybe my favorite thus far. Very cute!

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