Friday, October 23, 2009

day fifty-six.


Day Fifty-six 10/23/2009
Dress: Striped Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2009
Price: $5
Accessories: Cream Thigh Highs made from cut off tights, pink knit hat
Hair and Makeup: Two braids under a hat, blue and purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael, Kristin (said I looked like a fruity candy cane), Kelly

I woke up with a smile today, not for any particular reason, which might be the best kind of smile.  The day proved average, the weather was chilly and eventually the rain trickled but it was still worthy of a waking smile.  Jody and Kristin came over for some Project Runway and then Michael and I had lunch before I started working.  After work we headed to Johnny Brenda's for happy hour and friend time and stayed for hours.  We grabbed some Ekta takeout on the way home, my first Ekta over Tiffin experience.  Too spicy and the yogurt sauce was sour.  Sorry Ekta, you lose.  I wish I had just made dinner instead.  I went into an Indian food coma and hung out on the couch for many hours. Boring Friday night.  

Today's dress was one of the five Circle Thrift Fall 2009 purchases.  It's from H&M and I believe falls into the category of thanks to the girl my size who donates to Circle Thrift! It buttons all the way open so I will most likely wear this over jeans and tank top in the future.  This week has totally confused me weather wise and I probably should've worn tights instead of or in addition to thigh highs so I was a little cold for some of it. Since I cut them off from tights they don't have any stay up power and would be considered "quitters", a word I learned from my friend Chad that refers to socks that don't stay up on their own anymore.  My solution to these particular quitters is to use a rubberband to hold them up, covered with the excess sock fabric. After a few hours they hurt though so be sure to get big enough bands! 

Oh and I messed up last night.   I meant Riot Punch! 


Mike said...

Philly Phrenetic

HeadlessMonster said...


I like the colors and that the dress buttons-up the whole way.

Anonymous said...

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Abigail said...

If you're serious, and not a spambot, please email me at

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