Monday, October 12, 2009

day forty-five


Day Forty-five 10/12/2009
Dress: Black Cotton Dress
Purchased From: Conway 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $7.99
Accessories: Grey and black striped knee socks, orange cardigan
Hair and Makeup: Not brushed, down, then up, then down then up, some basic makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I overheard a woman in the Nice, France airport say that she liked my ruffle topped socks. 

I am so tired. It is 3:30am in France. I will correct this tomorrow.

Yes, yes I know, three black dresses in a row, shame, shame.  Sorry!  Sorry also that I cheated on my blog yesterday but I thought I was doing fine and then all of a sudden this crazy delirium washed over me like my brain had been covered in a soft blanket.  Just so you know it's 5:54AM on Tuesday and I'm awake.  Why? Because that's like 11:54 to me and I couldn't fight the blanket brain any longer so we went to sleep after the Phillies won last night, a little before 10PM.   I plan to go back to sleep hopefully so I can actually work and be normal on Wednesday.

Yesterday was a pretty boring day actually save for the fact that we actually had to run in an airport as we thought we were going to miss our connecting flight in Paris.  It went like this: Fly from Nice to Paris, no problem, easypeasy.  We got to Paris at 12:05, our connecting flight wasn't to leave until 1:30 so we thought we were fine, until we realized that Parisian airport workers are the slowest damn people in the world.  I never thought I'd want for Philadelphia airport employees so much in my life.  We had to go back through security, which took over an hour and then of course our gate was the last gate in the aisle so we started running to be sure we got onto our plan.  We got through our gate around 1:20, walked and walked a corridor and then were met with...stairs? What, Huh? Yep, a set of stairs that led down to what? huh? a bus, a frigging bus.  We then waited on the bus for about half an hour while the rest of the Paris to Philadelphia passengers that had been held up by the molasses like Parisians boarded one by one.  Hurry up and wait.  Ugh.  Finally we were all aboard and they drove us to our destination, a Delta flight, the cause of the chaos.  After some research (read: googling) I discovered that Air France and Delta did some weird team up thing in April so I don't know if it just kicked in or if they decided to stop flights into and out of Philadelphia or what.  All I know is we got transfered onto a shitty Delta flight with shitty Ohio based flight attendants with shitty attitudes and our meal preferences didn't transfer and then the flight didn't take off for another half an hour so our flight was delayed.  Dear Delta, You are no Air France. Love, Abby.  Seriously the staff on Air France are so nice and the bitches on Delta are rude evil twits.  It's an international flight dingbat, maybe don't yell "I don't understand you" in a rude voice to a passenger.   Anyway we got lucky I guess and one of the meal options happened to be veggie so we actually got to eat our shitty airplane food.  My favorite was our clearly stupid pilot who kept saying things like "you might want to use your leftover Euro to buy snacks on the plane since you can't convert back" um no, that's not correct actually.  Then he insisted we had twenty minutes until we landed in Philadelphia three times in a row, all with ten to fifteen minute intervals.  Dum-dum.

We finally landed, got through customs and baggage with no hesitation or problems and Rica picked us up from the airport.  We made it home, called our Mommies and hung out with the cats.  Ipacac has developed a serious hardcore relationship with our housemate Steve so he didn't even bother to leave Steve's room at first, Easter was fine and alive and skinny and old, and Flea scowled at me and ran when I tried to pet him for at least ten minutes.  We had some serious bonding later in the evening when he nuzzled down onto my chest when I went to sleep.  He puts his whole body on my chest and lays facing me, face just inches from mine, and then he coos.  God I love that cat.   He was thrilled to see I'm awake again and jumped back on the bed for some more kitty love.   We got some hoagies since there is no real food in the house and we fought to stay awake as we watched the Phillies beat the Rockies in a really close and tense game.  It was a really lovely night back.

Okay, so again, sorry three black dresses in three days.  I didn't really plan it like that, it just happened.  I brought a few other dresses but it was so much warmer in Nice than I had anticipated so I wanted to save those for the colder days of November.  I am also a recovering or closeted goth so I own a lot of black dresses.  The dress was just a basic black cotton dress, perfect for flying and layering.  It was very comfy on my trip and I was able to watch Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging (oh my god that's one of the teenage book series, The Georgia Nicholson Series, I'm obsessed with and it's a movie now even though sort of a disappointing movie), The Hangover (laughing fits on planes are really embarrassing) , My Sister's Keeper (really good actually, crying on a plane is equally embarrassing though), an episode each of Top Chef Masters and What Not to Wear and half of Adventureland.

Okay, I'm going to try to go back to sleep for a few hours so I can be sort of normal again.


Mike said...

welcome back.

Jen said...

Glad you're back home!

HeadlessMonster said...

Ehhhh, I've seen better dresses in the past 44 days. Maybe now that you're home, you can bring out some snappy ones! I know you gots 'em!

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