Sunday, October 11, 2009

day forty-four

Day Forty-four 10/11/2009
Dress: Black Pocketed Sack Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased: 2008, I think Spring
Price: $19.99, maybe $14.99 I can't remember
Accessories: Deer necklace, anchor earrings, black boots and black knee high socks
Hair and Makeup: Curled, wavy, down, lots of black eye makeup and some silvery eyeshadow
Day:  Today's dress was going to be my flying home dress since it's so darn comfortable but I also feel cute in it and the rest of my dresses weren't super weather appropriate since I packed as if it was going to be sort of cold. Dumb.  Anyway since most of tomorrow will be spent on a plane and jet lagged I opted to wear a different sweatpants type dress tomorrow.  It is going to be weird to come home to twelve degrees colder but I'm looking forward to enjoying my favorite season.

Today turned out to be such an unexpected lovely day.  We woke up and checked out of our fancy hotel that Michael nicknamed Easy-E since it was Eze. Ha! We headed into Eze Village for breakfast and lounged about jumping from outdoor seating area to outdoor seating area to indulge in cappuccinos and sweet crepes. Score, good crepes! Michael had nutella, banana and chantilly and I had the same sans bananas.  Super yum.  We drove back into Nice and found our hotel, much cuter than anticipated.  Our key didn't work for our room so we got upgraded to the Pablo Picasso room.  None of the other rooms have names so it's sort of fancy pants and overlooks the pool and has a nice balcony and view.  The room itself is so cute and decorated adorably with an amazing headboard pictured above.  Nice.  We hung out for a bit and then ventured out to have some last day in France drinks.  We first had beers at a cool dive bar and then went for a walk after and stopped at a fancy on the beach bar and had a glass of wine and a beer.  We came back to the room for lettuce wraps made from the last of our groceries and later we'll venture out for one last pizza.

Our room has an awesome bathtub so we'll probably take another bath and call it an early night tonight since we have to be at the airport around 9AM tomorrow. Blargh.  We managed an amazingly lazy night last night and I made Michael wash my hair since Bill washes Sookie's hair a lot in the Sookie Stackhouse books.  He obliged after laughing at me.

Tomorrow will be so bittersweet.  We have had such a wonderful time but will both be happy to be home.  I for one can't wait to pet my furry kitty friends! I will also be happy to have access to Mexican food again! Michael is about to fall asleep and we just can't have that since early bedtime is imperative so I must go tend to his awakeness.  Until tomorrow when I'm back in the States.


HeadlessMonster said...

Another mod-like black dress...and 2 days in a row?! It's not fashionABLE, but fashionDISABLE. Harf! You like that one?! Oh man, I got a million of 'em.

Sherry said...

I love the pic of both of you looking so happy! It is so sweet that Mike washed your hair.. Brad brushes my hair and it gives me goosebumps because it is so sweet and romantic.

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