Monday, November 23, 2009

day eighty-seven.

Day Eighty-seven 11/23/2009
Dress: Alice In Wonderland Baby Doll Dress
Purchased From: An Outdoor market in Spain, Barcelona I think. 
Year or Era Purchased:  Spring 1995

Price: $20-30-40? 
Accessories: Black thick tights, black faux suede and fur boots
Hair and Makeup: Thrown up into an unruly side bun, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A client but she totally thought I was wearing a shirt and leggings.  Oh well. 


The wiener dog visitors are doing much better and seem to have settled in and have stopped barking so much.  Yay.  I was feeling a little crappy this morning so I slept in a bit but I was pressing snooze to do so and defeated the whole purpose.  Interrupting sleep every nine minutes does not make for a deep sleep. Dumb.  I finally got up and did the dishes and made coffee. Time got away from me and I had to go work so I threw on a dress and threw my hair into a messy funny pile on top of my head.  The dress is probably my oldest dress.  I bought it in 1995 when I went to Spain with my high school Spanish class.  Thanks Mom an Dad! I remember buying it at an outdoor market that had a curtain I was able to get behind as a fitting room.  It was the 90s so baby doll dresses were all the rage and my Alice in Wonderland obsession was already in full swing so this dress was perfect.  I was about 35lbs. smaller in those times so this dress must have hung on me in a crazy way.  I'm really glad I kept it after all these years.  Clearly it 's not the most flattering thing in the world but that's what I kind of love about it.  

I worked and then stopped home for a bagel and gave the wiener dogs a walk. I headed back out to work some more, including helping a client with a few things that did not include walking her dog but did include helping her fill miniature vodka bottles because she is going away to her kids house for Thanksgiving and they don't want her to drink vodka.  She actually called them her "night time vodkas".  I was totally an enabler today.  Weird.  

I dragged myself to the gym and then came home and made an awesome dinner of potatoes au gratin, field roast celebration roast, sauteed brussels sprouts and applesauce.  It was really lovely.  Michael and I shared a bottle of red wine and watched Criminal Minds and House.  I walked the doggies again and we met another miniature dachshund named Izzy on our walk.  It was cute.  I am feeling a little sicky in the throat so I'm having an emergen-c and then am off to bed.  I feel like I keep getting almost sick and it never comes to fruition.  I'd like to keep it that way. 


HeadlessMonster said...

Where's the Mad Hatter?! I'll have just one cup of tea thank you. And no lumps!

Jody said...

ooh la la. one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

i used to have this baby doll dress too! wish i still had it. i think i bought it from the delias catalog maybe

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