Sunday, November 22, 2009

day eighty-six.

Day Eighty-six 11/22/2009
Dress: Floral Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage Sidewalk Sale
Year or Era Purchased:  Summer 2007

Price: $20
Accessories: White tights, brown flats
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled usual makeup brown eyeshadow and brown lipstick. I'm still not sure on the lipstick but I'm going to keep trying.

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I got hit on by a guy in a van while walking four dachshunds. 


Today was one of those days that felt like the world was against me.  I felt like I failed at everything.  The dogs were still getting acclimated to being here and being around cats and they just barked their long little faces off at everything and interrupted my morning happiness.  Ugh.  I woke up and cleaned the bathroom and then started getting ready.  Somehow time got away from me and before I knew it my in-laws were here.  That's still fun to say. We were headed to brunch at Honey's (two days in a row and it was still tasty!) and they usually have crazy waits on Saturday and Sundays and I still needed to walk the gaggle of dogs so they headed out without me. They were quoted a 1.5-2 hour wait.  Unfortunately for me this assessment was incorrect and they were seated within 45 minutes and I had decided to walk the dogs over to see Eno and his owners Spano and Jody.  I rushed them into the house and changed out of the brown tights I originally put on since they were quitters and kept literally falling off of my body.  Not a good thing to have happen when you're walking four dogs.  I threw on white tights and headed to Honey's.  Everyone but Michael ate omelets.  Yum.  We then headed to Ikea, or the time warp furniture store. Something like 2 or 3 hours later we emerged.  It's been a while since I've been there on a Sunday.  Wow.  I then did a cat job and got the crap scratched out of me because she was not all about taking her pills today.  Ugh.  Then I tried to shop at Target for a baby gate for the dog/cat separation of 2009.  They were out.  Ugh.  I came home and made an awesome dinner of greek style seitan with tzatziki sauce, a cucumber, feta and tomato salad and jasmine rice.  We watched Dexter and then I walked the dogs for a really long time so I could make room for a brownie topped with hot fudge and walnuts.  That was not smart.  I'm going to go nurse my food baby and sleep this day off.  

Oh and the dress is another amazing Plaid Pony Vintage find.  It makes me feel like I should be baking pies in an old farmhouse.  


Mike said...

The picture for this entry is cool. You look like Delirium from Sandman. Mike Spano from 1993 OUT!

HeadlessMonster said...

Awesome dress. I am a fan of asymmetry.

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