Monday, November 16, 2009

day eighty.

Day Eighty 11/16/2009
Dress: Houndstooth Strapless altered dress
Purchased From: online swapmeet
Year or Era Purchased: 2008ish

Price: $3
Accessories: Green tights, a hood/sleeve portion of a sliced up sweater, some safety pins, some boots and
Hair and Makeup: pulled back into two pseudo-french braids, usual makeup with extra black eyeshadow and mauve lips 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael seemed enamored by the hood/sleeve/dress combo


Ugh. Monday. It was a busy one too. At least it was a beautiful sunny day.   I almost got into a fight with/was so sick of myself for about half an hour when I kept forgetting things and tripping over things and being late, etc. etc. but it all worked out.  I really love this dress but I have never worn it because it's not super flattering when my gut is present (now) and I always feel more self conscious in tight clothing.  So you betcha, I pulled my tights up past my belly button and ate toast for breakfast instead of a giant bagel and cream cheese.  I also paired it with the top part of a sweater that had become too small (short) in its many visits to the dryer.  I still loved the hood part so I got the idea to cut off the top and pin it to the top/front only section of this strapless dress making it more flattering since my armpit fat wasn't so much hanging out anymore.  Aahhh it's so wonderful being a girl.  

I worked a lot today and then went to buy tickets for New Moon so Rica, Sue and I can go see the 4:30PM Friday showing and then go get some dinner and talk all about it.  I am sure it will be dreadful and I am also sure I will love every second of it.  Yippee!  I dragged myself to they gym kicking and screaming and then came home and made white bean and spinach veggie burgers from scratch.  They were quite tasty, especially since I added fake bacon, cheese, and sauteed mushrooms.  I am so going to eat another one tomorrow.  Yup.  Michael and I watched a tiny bit of television and then I showered and continued an internet argument (my first!) on Yelp.  Now I'll retire to bed and maybe read a little Into the Wild and then get up early for my lady doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  Boo.  


HeadlessMonster said...

Seriously, who's ever place that is you're photographed in is super keen! And the dress is too. I used to loathe hounds-tooth, but it grew on this fungus I keep picking.

Mike said...

Link for Yelp argument please.

Abigail said...

The backdrop is a client's amazing loft. It is fabulous- seriously breathtaking and chock full of style. It's how I want my house to look when I grow up.

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