Sunday, November 15, 2009

day seventy-nine.

Day Seventy-nine 11/15/2009
Dress: Green and Orange Sports Dress
Purchased From: An Unknown Thrift Store, as in I can't remember. 
Year or Era Purchased: ?2006?

Price: $5-10
Accessories: Orange tights, Sneaker Boot Chuck Taylors, Grey cardigan
Hair and Makeup: down and curly, orangey/gold eyeshadow, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: "Go Eagles!" from a homeless dude at Wawa to which I replied, "No."


Ugh. This weekend was all about reverting back to my early 20's I guess.   I slept until Noon again and didn't do much with my day.  Yay me.  I dragged myself out of bed and had some coffee and played on the internets.  Michael woke up way before me and worked on his motorcycle since it was a gorgeous day.  He was quite hungry so I finally got in the shower and got ready.  I really like today's dress but it's a tiny bit too small/my gut is a tiny bit too big at the moment so I paired it with some tights for some fake spanx action.  This is when you pull your tights up as high as they go so they create the illusion of a flatter stomach.  Some tights are better than others.  This sometimes results in doing the "pantyhose dance".  The effect wasn't really achieved so much with this particular pair of tights but it soothed my mind  bit.  Anyway I figured I'd go all out since the dress looks so sporty (I'm guessing it was either a cheerleading or some other sports uniform) and I paired it with my super duper hi top Chuck Taylors.   I love these shoes so much but have not taken the time to break them in properly yet.  Today was a big step in that process.  I need to invest in a shoehorn for them because the zipper is in the back (dumb!) and it hurts to shove my heel into them.  When I tried them on in the store they were unlaced.  Damn false advertising.  Anyway I think I will be wearing them a lot more often, especially after I figure out where the hell to buy a shoehorn these days. 

Michael and I tried to meet up with our friends Sue and Jake for a late lunch at Memphis Taproom but for some reason they were closed.  By the time we settled on the South Philadelphia Tap Room Jake had succumbed to watching soccer so Sue, Michael and I made the trek to South Philly for what turned out to be a very tasty lunch of vegan tempeh hoagies and a three cheese grilled cheese with tomato lager soup for Michael.  Yum.  

After lunch I took care of some super lovey kitty cats, which is indeed my favorite kind of kitty cat.  I came home and hung out with Michael for a bit and then hung out with Tyra Banks.   Okay, I just watched some Top Model.  Whatever.  We then watched Dexter and I made us a lovely and healthy late dinner of veggie chicken cooked in a white wine/vegetable broth/lemon and garlic concoction, green beans sauteed with walnuts and sesame seeds and jasmine rice.  Delicious.  I suppose I should go to bed now and try to get back to some semblance of sleepytime normalcy.   


mom said...

I think your dad might have a super long shoe horn, you can have it if I can find it.

HeadlessMonster said...

Cute dress...if you were a back-up dancer for Ciara.

But who's place it that?! I meant to ask in an earlier's awesome. I like the church bench...what's that called, a pier, pew, or some shit?

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