Saturday, November 14, 2009

day seventy-eight.

Day Seventy-eight 11/14/2009
Dress: Black Bubble Dress
Purchased From: Rainbow
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2008

Price: $7.99
Accessories: H&M Ribcage necklace, bear hat, black tights, green sweater arm legwarmers, black flats
Hair and Makeup: down, not even brushed, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: None that I can remember


Today's outfit was sort of pre planned but then changed later on.  We were supposed to go to see some roller derby today as some people we know are on the Liberty Belles and my Kristin made this amazing Liberty Bell costume and would be wearing it all day.  Unfortunately we did not get up early enough to go to the first bout. I was able to watch the last few minutes, the tie breaking minutes of the bout between the Philly Roller Girls and The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.  Unfortunately Philly did not win so the 6PM bout we had planned to be there would not feature our friends.  My original outfit was the same dress and tights but with these amazing satin red, white and blue leg warmers with the back to back ladies pattern in the middle stripe.  I made them from cutting off the sleeves of a jacket.  Since derby wasn't in our plan for the day I instead wore some legwarmers that were once part of a ginormous army surplus sweater.   The dress is identical to day twenty-five.  I bought them on the same day. It's a great dress for when you feel a little fatty since it has a gut hiding bubble.  

After we went out last night I got a lot of comments on my flintstones getup.  Lots of people said they liked it, one guy called me Little Bo Peep and lots of people giggled.  We went to 700 and had drinks and I danced a little with lots of friends. There were so many of us that we took over a large part of the furniture, good thing because it  was packed and a little douchey.  I definitely caused two people to fall down because they were clogging a walking path so bad and were so drunk they didn't realize I was kindly saying excuse me, pardon me, can I please get by, etc . etc.  I started to push a little and try to wiggle through, then I got a little aggro and yelled a little, a girl at the bar thought I was talking to her and I set her straight while I pushed through the giant clump of people.  A very tall dude ended up with a very short girl on top of him.  I walked over them, satisfied with the path I had created.  If you can't stand up when someone pushes through to get by you should leave the bar.  Clearly I am too old for that mess.  

I also witnessed a couple having hand sex on the dance floor while I was dancing like six inches from them. Gross. Go home. Or at least get away from me.   And for the thousandth time I will make this announcement to all womankind.  LEAVE YOUR GIANT ASS PURSES AT HOME OR AT LEAST OFF THE DANCE FLOOR!!!! If I get hit with one my purse that extends off of someone's  body out into my dance floor space I might hit said person with said purse.  We left and walked up to Darling's, the diner on 2nd street. It is definitely better late night than late dinner. Maybe that's because it is hard to mess up an english muffin and cheese fries.   I also chugged a huge orange juice to help fend the hangover.  It worked.    I came home and passed out and didn't wake up until 12:45.  Some days I wonder if I'm actually 31 or at least when being an adult will kick in.  Oh well.  I went and brunch at Silk City with the Steves and Michael.  It was quite tasty.  I then drove Orsborn to work and picked up Jody to go to the Sazz Vintage warehouse sale.  We were later than I wanted to be since I had only planned to drive Orsborn to the el but he would've been late so I was nice.  Jody and I dug through the boxes as fast as we could and managed to find some cute stuff.  I got four new dresses.  One of them is the most amazing plaid dress with a built in/connected bib overall thinger.  The zipper broke on my second try on at home so I will get it replaced asap.  Maybe I'll even get some of my other dresses altered while I'm at it.  Big girl dreams. I also got a dark brightish purple dress, very out of character for me but it fits really cute.  The other two are a baby blue dress with a toggle belt and a red cotton housedress with an embroidered pitcher on the pocket and a red gingham belt.  I might go back tomorrow since the accessory boxes were calling my name.   

I came home and am now officially caught up on Top Chef for this season.  I helped Michael clean out some of his closet and somehow wasted a few hours but I'm not totally sure what I did.  And now to determine what to do with the rest of the night.  Yup. 


Jody said...

i cannot, cannot, CANNOT wait to see that plaid "holiday" dress on you!!!! i resent that you found it first ;)

HeadlessMonster said...

Damnit! I love your steez girl!

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