Monday, December 14, 2009

day one hundred and eight.

Day One Hundred and Eight 12/14/2009 
Dress: Vintage White and Black Daisy Dress

Purchased From:  Hmmm. maybe Thrifty Fox
Year or Era Purchased:  1994/5/6?
Price: $3-8
Accessories: Black boots, black tights, dyed slip underneath so lace pops out, red knit hat, grey cardigan
Hair and Makeup:  down and curled, usual makeup with a touch of lips

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Some dude honked his horn at me so I would look at him so he could tell me he liked my hat.  I think two more people complimented my hat too.  I got it yesterday. Yay.


Today marks sixteen years since Mr. Michael asked me to be his girlfriend.  Cute. I may have also owned this dress for almost the same amount of time.  It is falling apart like crazy and held together with safety pins and new stitches. It needs a full on stiching overhaul.  I have to get on it. It also has an insane amount of stains all over it from who knows what.  I might have bought it this way, I can't remember.  I used to have this huge thing for anything daisies so I know I was wicked excited when I bought this dress. I wore it with a slip underneath today since it's a little see through and since I thought I was going to the dermatologist for my last patch text check but I totally suck and didn't get there in time. Oh well. I also wore my newly purchased hat and I love it.  It's from Forever 21 and cost a mere $6.80.  Awesome.  I snagged a red scarf at the swap so now I have matching outerwear accessories. Today was pretty boring and worked filled but now I am awaiting the arrival of my fabulous husband so we can go eat Indian food and drink wine and be cute.  Yup. 


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