Friday, December 11, 2009

day one hundred and five.

This is my bloggy area, complete with blurred out mess.

Day One Hundred and Five 12/11/2009 
Dress: Vintage Turquoise Waitress Dress

Purchased From:  Circle Thrift when it was next to Rocket Cat
Year or Era Purchased:  2007
Price: $4
Accessories: yellow tights, black mary janes, black fabric belt, yellow scarf
Hair and Makeup:  double braids pulled back into a bun covered with a scarf

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Client compliment but it was freezing so barely anyone even saw underneath my bundle of outerwear. 


I am going to bed. Today's picture will have to do. Tomorrow I will tell you about my boring day and staying in night with a few more sentences. Or not. It was boring but I loved it.  The dress is thrift/vintage/pocketed and waitress style, one of my favorite styles.  Yup. 


Mike said...

That blurred out mess is hilarious. For a second I thought that tent caterpillars had invaded your house.

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