Saturday, December 12, 2009

day one hundred and six.

Day One Hundred and Six 12/12/2009 
Dress: Brown Strapless H&M Cotton Dress

Purchased From:  Free at a Clothing Swap
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $0
Accessories: Turquoise tights, crazy pattern boots, orange cardigan, octopus t-shirt, orange beanie, 
Hair and Makeup:  pigtails, usual makeup 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael likes the shirt and the combination of the dress/shirt, a random Fishtown teenager complimented my boots


Again I find myself just wanting to crawl into bed and avoid writing this blog.  It has been a lovely day I have to say and I'd like to go laze about until I fall into an abyss of sleepytime. Tomorrow we must arise and drive to Landsdale for breakfast with friends.  

The dress I wore today was one of my clothing swap finds from this past Thursday.  It's super comfortable and I since I like to pair strapless dresses with undershirts I did so with my awesome octopus shirt so the octopus would be showcased perfectly.  The shirt was purchased at my friend Sam's store, The Point.  I really like this dress and I"m so glad I went to the swap and made it my own.  

I spent the day being lazy and lounging, made some pancakes and then decorated for Christmas.  It was nice and exactly what I wanted.  Michael and I then watched Marley & Me and went to the Sidecar Bar for dinner and so I could get a dark smokey beer like I've been craving, so not like me, weird.  I got a Old Engine Oil and ate some truffle mashed potatoes and a crispy goat cheese salad.  Dinner was super yum, as was the beer.  I guess we had a little unintended date night, cute.  Now it's time to power up with sleep for tomorrow's crazy buffet breakfast.  Weekend of gluttony equals fabulous.


Mike said...

mmmm old engine oil. Was it on tap? It's hard to find on tap.

heather said...

i knew you meant business when you came to the swap with a slip on for easy try ons.

(purple striped 80's dress from the other week)

Abigail said...

Mike, twas bottled. I will go with you where it is on tap when you tell me where.

Heather, I am a clothing monster and was a little embarrassed my clothing appetite at the swap, but it was sooo worth it!

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