Thursday, December 10, 2009

day one hundred and four.

Day One Hundred and Four 12/10/2009 
Dress: Purple 70s Disco Dress

Purchased From:  Unknown Thrift Store
Year or Era Purchased:  2005 or 2006
Price: $3-5
Accessories: grey tights, grey knee socks, crazy pattern boots, black cardigan
Hair and Makeup:  Hair down, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Rachel said the dress was fabulous, she liked the color and it reminded her of her Mom's wedding dress.   Maybe some other people too, I can't remember. 


Today's dress is one of those dresses I've owned forever and bought as a novelty.  Again with the purple, damn you purple, you win.  I like you. Fine.  I think I actually like this crazy dress too.  It's a little crazy shimmery and sure did not match the cold ass weather of today but it brightened my mood whenever it popped out of the bottom of my coat. 

I am exhausted.  Today started and never stopped.  I worked, took the car to Just Tires for new tires, Christmas shopped, worked more, came home and cleaned a little, did the trash and recycling, made dinner for Michael and then went to my very first clothing swap where I scored sooooo many awesome pieces of clothing including like five dresses. Word.  I should write more with lots of detail because it was fun but man alive I think my bed is calling my name in the loudest possible manner.  Goodnight! 

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