Wednesday, December 9, 2009

day one hundred and three.

Day One Hundred and Three 12/9/2009 
Dress: White with multi colored Polka Dot Dress

Purchased From:  Rainbow
Year or Era Purchased:  2007 or 2008ish
Price: $7-10
Accessories: Black tights, mary janes, blueish green cardigan shaw (freshly thrifted), grey waist belt
Hair and Makeup:  Clean and down, usual makeup, extra brown eyeshadow

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael said my outfit was cute, but only via the picture because he didn't really see it until I asked his opinion on which photo to use. I went with the crazy armless/arm motion one.  I like how weird it is. 


I started out my day by going to the dermatologist to get my horribly itchy patch test off.  A few of the twenty-seven possible allergens came up as possibly positive but I have to go back on Monday to see about delayed reactions.  I am very excited to shower off the tape goo.   After my appointment I went to CVS to fill my eczema finger prescription where I was told my insurance was cancelled, um what?  I came home and called the insurance company and after being on hold lots and asked a lot of stupid questions including, "Is it a cream or an ointment?" to which I was all I don't know but I know that me calling about my insurance is not the goddamned SATs and honestly until today I didn't know the difference and what the hell does that have to do with the pharmacy telling me my coverage was terminated anyway? Okay, so I just told the lady I didn't know but whatever, seriously why did no one answer my question except to say that it was submitted and went through fine.  It must have been a glitch.

Later when I picked up my prescription the girl behind the counter, who was incapable of sorting through a basket of L prescriptions and could not find mine in the pile of maybe 16, could not answer my question about why I was given a hard time earlier.  When she could not locate my name she did ask me if they prescription was for an ointment! What the hell!?! Why does that matter in the grand scheme of reading someone's last name?  Also why do you need to loudly say the word ointment at a crowded pharmacy?  YOU DON'T.  It forced me to loudly proclaim, "I don't know if it's a cream or an ointment, it's for my finger."  I really didn't need anyone assuming it was for something girly part oriented. Thank you.  Ugh.  Anyway so on to the non-doctor/prescription/rant part of my day...

I wore today's dress because I bought this sweater on Monday at the thrift store and it matches one of the polka dot colors perfectly and because this dress is a bit tight and not gut friendly so I've been waiting to wear it.  The sweater covers if needed and I love that about it.  I've been wanting a sweater/shaw like this one for awhile but didn't want to shell out over $20 for it, yup I'm that cheap.  Luckily for me I stumbled across this lovely for $4.95.  Score.  The dress was a cheapo as well when I went on a dress buying binge a few years ago at Rainbow.  It came with a big weird orange belt that I think I threw away because it was so weird.  Now I wish I had kept it.  Oh well.   I paired the dress with thick textured black tights, my grey waist belt and my old clunky beat up Mary Janes that will soon need to find their way to the back of the closet again if they have any hope for survival past this year.  My toes already poke out the front a bit.  Time for some electrical tape I suppose.  

I worked, came home and cleaned up a little and then headed out for the Grid magazine release party for their December issue. Go here to see Grid online to learn about saving the Earth and being sustainable. It was at the Abbaye so I hung out with Spano, Sean and Michael and we saw our friend Claire and her boyfriend as Claire works for Grid.   We enjoyed $3 beers (I had a hoegaarden and a Left Hand Fade to Black) and Michael and I had seitan dinners that we split.  It was a lovely time but the beers were strong and the food filling so I think I might go get into my cozy bed and snuggle up for some laptop television with my favorite manfriend.  I hope he doesn't test me on ointments vs. creams.  


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