Thursday, December 17, 2009

day one hundred eleven.

Day One Hundred Eleven 12/17/2009 
Dress: Pink Babydoll Dress

Purchased From:  H&M
Year or Era Purchased:  Summer 2007
Price: $25 or $30? I can't remember exactly. 
Accessories: Jeans, black cardigan, sneaker snow boots, giant white fake fur hat, deer necklace

Hair and Makeup:  down and gross, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Lots of hat compliments


It was another early day and it was cold. Blech.  I woke up with Michael and made him lunch since he was to be in meetings all day.  I made him an awesome veggie turkey and cheese hoagie with chips and a pickle on the side and a clementine for dessert.  I also made him breakfast and brewed a pot of coffee in my fabulous twelve cup button push coffee maker.  Word. 

I knew it was once again cold outside so I wore jeans and this dress works with pants because of the cut.  I know the shoe choice isn't super cute but man are those suckers warm, as is my hat.  I got the hat at I. Goldberg last year for $20 and it was worth every penny.  It helps so much on bitter cold days.  The dress was my bridesmaid dress for Sue and Jake's wedding.  Rica and I went shopping at H&M a few weeks before the wedding and found this dress.  I have worn it a few times now and I know Rica wore hers too.  Well done.  

I worked a bunch and did a little Christmas shopping and managed to get myself to the gym for a third day in a row.  I had big plans for the night but I got home so late that I just made dinner and vegged.  We had a cayenne pan seared tofu, potatoes au gratin, mixed greens and roasted carrots. It was tasty. I finally got my hair washed so I'm going to go rag curl it up.  I made an appointment for my hair for Tuesday.  I'm so getting bangs. 


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